Quiz: The Ultimate Ultrasonic Welding Quiz
The Ultimate Ultrasonic Welding Quiz
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Ultrasonic welding is used widely in many industries -- including shoe manufacturing and auto making. How well do you know how this method uses sound to do what high temperatures normally do. Test your knowledge now.

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In what decade was ultrasonic welding first introduced?
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What materials are most commonly bonded by ultrasonic welding?
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What force creates the heat in ultrasonic welding?
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Which part of an ultrasonic welder delivers the sound waves?
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What advantages does ultrasonic welding have over traditional welding?
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The sonotrode is another name for which part of an ultrasonic welding maching?
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What is the frequency range of sound waves used in ultrasonic welding?
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What auto maker has experimented with using ultrasonic welding to make aluminum chassis?
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To make electrical connection, which technique is faster?
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Which technique would you use to bond two steel girders in constructing a building?
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What is the most likely occupational hazard of ultrasonic welding?
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What factors affect the ultrasonic welding process?
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What metals are most commonly welded ultrasonically?
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Besides automobiles, what things are made using ultrasonic welding?
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