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He was one of the most popular and respected men of the Civil War era. How much do you know about Ulysses S. Grant?

What was Grant's nickname?

His troops helped him win victory after victory throughout the war.


How many slaves did Grant own in 1860?

In 1859 he had one; he could have sold the man for desperately-needed cash but decided to simply free him.


In which war did Grant see his first combat action?

After a few years he left the military and returned to his wife and four children.


What is Ulysses S. Grant's middle name?

His first name was Hiram; the S. was inadvertently added at the beginning of his military training.


When the Civil War began, what was Grant's rank?

He began the war serving with volunteers from Illinois.


Numerically, which president was Grant?

He served from 1869 to 1877.


Which job did Grant NOT try before taking up the military as a career?

He was also a rent collector; none of these gigs really suited his strengths.


How did Grant die?

He completed his memoirs just days before he perished from cancer.


In how many elected positions did Grant serve before becoming U.S. president?

His administration was rife with problems that he at least partially attributed to his own inexperience.


Which organization did Grant help to neutralize during his presidency?

Thanks to Grant, the wretched KKK was forced underground for a few years.


Who did Grant defeat to win his first presidency?

Grant won more than half of the popular vote and was only 46 when he became president-elect.


In a pinch what product did Grant sell on the street in St. Louis?

In his early life he often scraped by to earn a living.


Grant was promoted to Lt. General after his victory at which battle?

At that point he was also given authority to command all U.S. armies.


Why did Grant let Confederate soldiers keep their horses after the war ended?

He also helped Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee avoid treason charges, all the better to forge a more peaceful environment after a devastating conflict.


How did Grant lose his life savings after serving as president?

The event left him broke and scrambling to secure his family's financial future.


When he realized he was going to die, how did Grant manage to make enough money for his family to live on?

His memoirs became a bestseller and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.


What business was Grant working at when the Civil War broke out?

The war turned out to be a boon to his faltering professional life.


At an early stage of his military career, Grant was renowned for which ability?

He was considered an average solider but he had an exceptional capability when it came to riding horses in battle.


What day did Grant say was the "darkest" of his life?

He was actually scheduled to be at the same theater as Lincoln but family plans interfered.


How many people turned out to witness Grant's funeral procession?

Historians say he was a super-celebrity before there was such a term.


Which organization did Grant form during his presidency?

He also formed a national weather service and established the first national park -- Yellowstone.


Grant achieved the Union's first landmark victory in the Civil War.

His troops captured some 15,000 Confederate troops at Fort Donelson.


What was the Whiskey Ring scandal?

Grant's administration took a hit even though he wasn't directly involved in the scam.


In which state was Grant born?

He was a very young man when he left home to attend West Point.


How old was Grant when he died?

Throat cancer claimed his life, but not before he took a post-presidency trip around the world with his family.


Early in his career, why was Grant forced out of the Army?

He gave up booze for a while and straightened himself out, but the war pushed him back into substance abuse.


When a group of men told President Lincoln that Grant was an alcoholic, how did the president respond?

Lincoln said he'd happily buy more whiskey for everyone if it turned them into leaders like Grant.


How many times were Confederate armies forced to surrender to Grant?

In addition to Fort Donelson, he achieved major victories at Appomattox and Vicksburg.


For what behavior was Grant continually scolded during his time at West Point?

Throughout his career he looked more like a common infantryman than a decorated general.


What percentage of the popular vote did Grant win in order to secure his second term as president?

In spite of many accusations of corruption in his administration, he easily won a second term.


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