What Underrated Greek God Is Your True Soulmate?

Kennita Leon

Which major god do you admire?

Who would you want to marry?

Which other couple would you do date night with?

What would you want to control if you were a god or goddess?

Which element would be yours to command?

What would the humans think of you?

How would you want humans to honor you?

Which animal would represent you?

Which beast would devour those who displeased you?

Which part of Greece would you take control of?

Which deity would you wage war with?

Which underrated god or goddess would you ask to join your alliance?

Which famous demigod would do your bidding on Earth?

If you were kicked out of the Greek pantheon, which other one would you want to join?

How much do you love Greek mythology?

How many times have you been in love?

What are you most attracted to?

Do you have a type?

How do you usually find your conquests?

What's your favorite first date idea?

About how long do you wait before getting physical?

How important is it that you and your partner have a great physical connection?

Do you always introduce your dates to your family?

Which of these would annoy you the most?

What about you would you want your partner to accept?

Do you want to get married?

Would you move in with your partner before or after you get married?

Would divorce ever be an option for you?

Do you believe in true love?

Are you excited to find your soulmate?

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About This Quiz

Everyone who owns a television or has read a book has surely heard of the members of the terrifying and wondrous Greek pantheon. They are some of the most powerful gods and goddesses ever envisioned by humans, and they have the support, fear and love of their followers to match. We have the likes of Poseidon, who rules the sea; Artemis, the goddess of the hunt; and of course, Zeus, who rules the sky. 

But what about the many other gods and goddesses that you don't hear too much about? Although they aren't as powerful, they are all special in their own right, with their own charms and abilities. But which one of them is your true soulmate? And what does that mean for your relationship with them?

That's what we're trying to figure out today, and with some Greek gods you may have never even heard of. They represent things like lust, wine, chaos and youth, and they have played their parts in making the more popular gods even more powerful than they already were. So which one of them holds your heart? 

If you want to find the answer to that question and more, get started on this wondrous quiz. 

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