Quiz: The Ultimate Unique Branch Decor Quiz
The Ultimate Unique Branch Decor Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Are you looking for new and simple ways to decorate your home? It can't be easier than unique branch decor. Using branches from your backyard or local woods brings both nature and elegance into your home. If you would like to know more about designing your own unique branch decor, this is the quiz for you.

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You have decided that you would like to use some stripped branches as a natural decor piece for your home. Where should you begin?
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What sort of branches should you look for?
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What type of branch is usually best for a decor piece?
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What should you use to clean the branches?
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What is the recommended minimum height for the vase that will hold the branch arrangement?
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Which branch piece should you place in the vase first?
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If you are just using one single branch for a simple but graceful piece, what might you use to add effect?
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Due to its simple design your branch piece should match most of your home's decor. Where might you place a smaller version of the unique branch arrangement?
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