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These crazy kitchen gadgets SOUND like you can't live without them. But the reality is they're simply a waste of space. Do you have any of these unitasker kitchen tools in your cabinets?

This silicone "dish" helps you hold a bowl in place when you're stirring something.

The Staybowlizer has to be one of the most useless kitchen tools we've ever seen.


True or false? The Perfect Pancake Pan is just for pancakes.

True. You may have seen it on its TV infomercial. This ridiculous pan lets you pour, flip and serve four pancakes, because doing it on a griddle is much too hard.


Using a knife to butter your corn is too hard, right? What's the best unitasker for the job?

Now you just use that same knife to cut the butter and then put it onto a Butter Button instead -- THEN onto your corn. Genius.


Speaking of corn, it's such a pain to take off the cob with a knife. Thankfully you don't have to thanks to what unitasker tool?

Sure, the Corn Cob Peeler shucks the kernels off the cob, but certainly no better or faster than your standard knife.


Straining cans of beans for your chili doesn't have to be so hard anymore when you have which crazy kitchen gadget?

The Snap-On Can Strainer has no other purpose in your kitchen so why have it really? Is straining a can really that hard?


If you can't lift and pour a gallon-sized drink jug, which of the following could you purchase?

Think of the Roll 'n Pour as a rocking chair for your gallon milk jug -- completely unnecessary and totally useless. It's large, cumbersome and adds even more weight to the gallon jug, all but defeating its purpose of, well, existing.


What do you buy when you can't keep track of your eggs in the refrigerator?

Of course you need an Egg Minder Internet Connected Egg Tray. For just $99 it tracks when you put new eggs into it and how many eggs it has. But wait there's more! It also tells your smartphone app all of this information so you can stay on top of your egg data at all times. (Eye roll.)


Now you can make bowls of bacon if you have what kitchen unitasker kitchen gadget?

Hint: You can use the bottom of a muffin pan to make bacon bowls, but maybe you need the Perfect Bacon Bowl to make them, well, perfect?


Which gadget takes all of the fun out of making s'mores?

With a name like Charcoal Companion SS S'mores Roasting Rack CC3112, you know making these s'mores won't be anything like the ones you made at Girl Scout camp.


True or false? You don't even have to touch your finger foods when you eat with Trongs!

True! Trongs are great for eating messy foods without the mess. Really?


Stephen Colbert once satired this egg product for its ridiculousness on "The Colbert Report."

Colbert joked about the Rollie Eggmaster, a crazy product that creates tubes of eggs using inverted heat technology. Yum!


Slicing a tomato doesn't have to be hard when you buy one of these:

The Tomato Holder 5140 sounds more technical and useful than it is -- it's basically a contraption that holds your tomato while you slice through with a knife. Necessary? Not very.


True or false? There is a unitasker product that lets you cook hotdogs and buns -- together.

True! The Pop-Up Hot Dog Cooker looks like a toaster and cooks hotdogs and buns at the same time. And it's just $50!


True or false? Ben and Jerry's sells a lock that wraps around the lid of their pints of ice cream.

True. The Ben and Jerry's Euphori-Lock is an alpha-numeric locking system to keep others out of whatever is left of your ice cream.


There are several unitasker tools on the market for avocados, those pesky fruits known for being so difficult to cut. Which of the following is NOT one?

The Avo Saver and Avocado Cuber are definitely real, but not the AvoCap (but give it time).


It's hard to evenly distribute toppings on cakes and cupcakes, unless you have what unitasker tool?

Yes. The Topping Tornado's sole purpose is to help you evenly distribute sprinkles on top of an iced cupcake by shooting them at the cake.


Soggy cereal sucks. What unitasker tool helps prevent you from ever having to deal with that gloppy stuff again?

The Obol has two separate sides that lets you add bites of cereal to the milk for each bite -- so you never have to have soggy cereal again. (OK, we sort of like this idea.)


Kids want the crust cut off their PB&J sandwiches. But that takes time, unless you have what cool tool?

The Krustbuster claims to be a pocket sandwich sealer, crust remover and a "kitchen toy" that encourages good eating habits. Not sure it does all of those things, but we're sure it's a unitasker.


True or false? All you need to replace the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker from Williams Sonoma is a food processor.

True. Since all the thing does is basically steam food and then blend it; you can do all that with a pot of water and food processor.


If you don't have time to peel potatoes with a standard veggie peeler (and really, who does?) which of the following unitasker kitchen tools would be right for you?

The Rotato Potato Peeler is as unitasker as they come. It doesn't slice, dice or julienne. All it does is peel!


What do you do when you need just three muffins instead of 12?

The Muffin Magic is a huge space-wasting machine that sits on your counter and makes just three muffins at a time.


What tool helps you cut onions?

Yes, there is such a thing as Onion Goggles. They're supposed to help prevent your eyes from tearing up when you slice those pesky onions, but we highly doubt they make much difference.


Remember the Roll 'n Pour for all of your gallon jug pouring needs? Well there's a similar one for those of you who have trouble pouring those 2-liter bottles. What's this one called?

Yes, it's actually called the 2-Liter Pour Thing, and it fits right in the fridge.


True or false? AromaForks include 24 oil essences that are added to the fork's absorbent scent pads to "enhance" your dining experience.

True. The forks are designed to play on the relationship between taste and smell by releasing different aromas that enhance the flavors of food. Hmmm.


We've all seen these at parties and wedding receptions, but do you really need one at home?

Two words: chocolate fountain. Enough said.


True or false? For $14.99 you can get a 16-ounce tumbler that makes, yep, chocolate milk.

True. That's right. For nearly $15 the Moo Mixer – Supreme Chocolate Milk Mixer uses a "whirling vortex of power to thoroughly dissolve chocolate powder mixes or syrups" because stirring with a spoon usually just doesn't work.


True or false? What's better than meatloaf? Stuffed meatloaf! And you can make it with the Meat Loaf Pan.

False. Well, you can make the stuffed meatloaf, but only with Chef Tony Miracle Meatloaf Pan, which lets you fill the center of the meatloaf with your favorite side dish or stuffing (like macaroni and cheese!). Yum.


Speaking of stuffed meat, these unitaskers let you stuff sliders with everything from cheese and mushrooms to garlic and onions.

Stufz Sliders Stuffed Burger Makers create deep cups in your sliders to hold the filling.


True or false? There's a kitchen gadget specifically for making mac 'n' cheese.

True. Sadly there is.


True or false? You need a scallion cutter.

False. Do you own a knife? If you answered yes, you don't need a scallion cutter.


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