Quiz: U.S. and British English Differences Quiz
U.S. and British English Differences Quiz
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Brits and Americans may speak a common language, but you might be surprised to find out just how much the English language can differ. Sure, you might know from television or movies that Brits call their butts their "bums." And you probably know that when they talk about "football," they really mean soccer.

But did you know that being "knackered" is the same as being tired? Or that if you tell an Englishman that you're "pissed," he won't think you're angry -- he'll think you're drunk? And then there's food. If you're a picky eater and will soon be heading to the U.K., you'd better bone up on your British English.

Zucchini is called "courgetti" across the pond, while shrimp are dubbed "prawns." So what is the British English name for prawns? Well, they call those prawns, too, making no distinction between the two types of shellfish. To make things more confusing, our French fries are "chips" to the Brits, who call our potato chips "crisps." So if you want potato chips with your grilled cheese sandwich, you must ask for crisps. Actually, you'll need to ask for a toastie with crisps, because "toastie" is the English term for grilled cheese.

But don't let yourself get bamboozled by all of these terms. Just take the quiz!

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