Quiz: Do You Really Know the U.S. Constitution?
Do You Really Know the U.S. Constitution?
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The U.S. Constitution is a document with a history, and most of us learn all about it in school -- well, maybe not all about it. This Constitution Day, test your knowledge of some lesser-known facts about the U.S. Constitution.

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Patrick Henry turned down an invitation to the Constitutional Convention because:
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How many words make up the main body of the Constitution?
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Which national holiday did George Washington proclaim should honor the success of the Constitution?
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The Constitutional Convention was convened in which season:
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What was the longest period in which the fewest Constitutional amendments were passed?
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How many times have legislators tried to remove the Electoral College requirement from the Constitution?
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Which of these was a common reason why many Americans didn't initially support the new Constitution?
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Which state name is misspelled in the signature section of the Constitution?
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How many U.S. presidents signed the Constitution?
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The word "democracy" never actually appears in the U.S. Constitution.
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The Bill of Rights was written and ratified at the same time as the U.S. Constitution.
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Other than English, which language appears in the U.S. Constitution?
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Where can you go and view the original U.S. Constitution today?
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Where was the Constitution written?
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Who is known as the "Father of the Constitution?"
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Which state boycotted the Constitutional Convention?
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Who was the oldest delegate to sign the U.S. Constitution?
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Who has the final authority to interpret the Constitution?
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How many articles does the Constitution contain?
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What did the Connecticut Compromise result in?
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The Constitution specifically banned slavery when it was signed in 1787.
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What name was given to the series of documents designed to win support for the Constitution among the public?
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How many Constitutional amendments have been repealed through 2016?
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Which of the following is not part of the Bill of Rights?
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Who was the president of the Constitutional Convention?
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The Constitution originally did not start with the famous line, "We the People of the United States…"
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Why did the delegates reject the idea of opening the convention with prayer?
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What day is recognized as Constitution Day?
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