Quiz: US Presidents Trivia
US Presidents Trivia
By: J.P. Naomi
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About This Quiz

The United States of America has enjoyed a 240-year history, with 45 presidents in that time. While the presidency is only one of three co-equal branches of government, none of which is superior to the others, the president is certainly the most visible person in the American power structure. He - and in future, doubtless she - is highly scrutinized, from their personal life to their every pronouncement that could even vaguely be construed as a comment on policy. Conspiracies abound about what presidents are really thinking and doing when no one is watching, and of course, nobody really knows who someone is behind closed doors except those closest to them.

Some presidents have entered the pantheon of history's greatest leaders, while others have been relegated to the dustbin of history. A few left office under a cloud and stayed that way, while others' legacies were rehabilitated later as history gained perspective on their deeds and misdeeds. 

Others got away with absolutely heinous acts of corruption and very naughty sexual misdeeds that nobody knew about during their administrations and sometimes even during their lives. Some have given great speeches, and others passed life-altering legislation. Some of them rose to the challenges of their age and others were caretakers at best. Let's see how well you remember them all!

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