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Join us for the magnificent splendor of the Versailles quiz. Test your knowledge of the baroque salons, lounge in the antechambers and picnic In the sprawling gardens. Cake, anyone?

Where is Versailles?

Listen, it doesn't hurt to start simple. Versailles is in France, outside of Paris.


What royal first built the (beginnings) of Versailles?

Louis XIII originally built it as a hunting lodge, not as the splendid palace it would become.


In 1661 the monarch in charge oversaw a big expansion and renovation of Versailles. Who was it?

Remember this: Louis XIV built it, XV played in it, and XVI paid for it.


Louis also declared in 1678 that Versailles would be what?

It officially became the capitol of the kingdom in 1682.


How long was Versailles the capitol of France?

Versailles remained the French capitol for over a hundred years, until 1789.


The king's apartment was reserved for …

The king's apartment is kind of a misnomer; it was a place to view the king and his daily acts.


How many rooms are in the king's apartment?

A seven-room apartment sounds pretty spacious.


What is NOT one of the salon names of the king's apartment?

Every salon would be a good time, one would think.


How many people might be attending to Louis XIV during his levee (i.e., morning routine)?

One hundred people might attend to him. The king was bathed, groomed and breakfasted in front of a crowd.


Versailles is on UNESCO's list of …

In 1979 Versailles was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Sites.


We call the long passageway lined with glass the Hall of Mirrors. But what was its original name?

"The Grand Gallery" wasn't terribly descriptive.


How many mirrors decorate the room?

Over 350 mirrors line the 73-meter (240-feet) hall.


What significance do the mirrors represent?

Both of these are correct. Basically the mirrors were seen as a status symbol.


What's right next to the War Salon?

The Peace Salon is next to the War Salon, in which paintings show Germany, Spain and Holland as conquests.


The Opera Royal was added to Versailles in 1770. At the time, it was …

The space could hold over 1,300 people.


The Congress Room is still used as …

The room has been used since 2008 as a place where the president addresses the congress.


Who had her own apartment above the king's apartment, until she moved to another floor in the palace?

Louis XV's mistress, Madame de Pompadour, moved to a more remote apartment after their affair ran its course but remained at the palace.


The Royal Chapel was home to the king's Mass, which was given how often?

Come 10 a.m., everyone would attend the king's Mass.


Versailles isn't just one palace. What else is included in the estate?

What, you think the royalty would settle for one measly palace? Both of these are included in the estate.


The two palaces are called the Petit and Grand what?

Trianon is basically a smaller palace.


Where did Marie Antoinette spend a lot of her time?

Marie Antoinette used the Petit Trianon as her home base.


Why was she criticized for her use of the Petit Trianon?

Some grumbled that Marie Antoinette wasn't making her royal appearances at court.


What other feature did Marie Antoinette add to the Versailles estate?

Marie Antoinette's hamlet included a working farm.


Wait, a hamlet? What did that entail?

Yeah, if you're the queen of France you better do it right — and that means building a small, rustic idyllic village in your backyard because you think it sounds super cute.


How many fountain-type statuaries are there in the Versailles gardens?

Eleven artistically designed fountains mark the acreage.


In the summer how many trees line the Orangerie?

There are 1,055 trees — not just orange trees, but pomegranate and palm trees, too.


How do they protect the trees in the winter?

The trees hibernate in the winter.


While it was destroyed during a replanting in 1775, what feature was part of the original gardens?

The labyrinth was based on famous fairy tale writer Charles Perrault's idea.


The Grand Canal that runs perpendicular to the palace is how long?

At 1,760 meters (1,920 yards), the canal is a sight to behold.


Four statues mark the reflecting pools of Versailles. What do the statues symbolize?

The Loire, the Rhone, the Seine and the Garonne are represented with statues.


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