Quiz: Visions of Sugarplums: The Nutcracker Quiz
Visions of Sugarplums: The Nutcracker Quiz
By: Bambi Turner
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What started as a simple children's book has transformed into one of the most important traditions of the holiday season, as fans young and old flock to theaters to see one of the most iconic ballets of all time. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the history, music and characters that make up this Christmas classic.

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What was Clara's name in the original book that inspired "The Nutcracker" ballet?
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What does Clara use to kill the Mouse King?
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Who shares a pas de deux with the Sugarplum Fairy?
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Where does Act II of "The Nutcracker" take place?
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Which of these is NOT one of the Stahlbaum children?
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Who gives Clara her precious nutcracker for Christmas?
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Who battles the mice during Act I of the ballet?
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Who transforms into the Prince in Clara's dream?
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What candy represents the Russian dancers in Act II?
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Who hides the Polichinelles under her skirt?
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Who adapted "The Nutcracker" story into the version used in the modern ballet?
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What year was the ballet performed for the first time?
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What legendary choreographer created the very first ballet version of "The Nutcracker?"
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What was the first U.S. company to perform "The Nutcracker?"
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Which of these parts is unique to the Moscow Ballet's version of "The Nutcracker?"'
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Who composed the music for "The Nutcracker?"
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What instrument signals the arrival of the Sugarplum Fairy?
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Which country's dance in Act II is known as the Trepak?
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What waltz features a dance by the Dewdrop Fairy?
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The first performance of "The Nutcracker" was considered a failure.
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"The Nutcracker" is one of the most lucrative productions for ballet companies.
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What year did George Balanchine choreograph his famous version of "The Nutcracker?"
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In the book that inspired the ballet, Clara never comes home at the end.
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Maurice Sendak once designed costumes for a production of "The Nutcracker."
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What skater starred in "The Nutcracker: A Fantasy on Ice?"
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What is a Mirliton?
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What 1940 Disney film incorporated music from "The Nutcracker?"
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Who breaks the nutcracker early on in the story?
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"The Nutcracker" was Tchaikovsky's third ballet.
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What role is Keira Knightley set to play in the 2018 live-action Disney version of "The Nutcracker?"
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