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Both of these medieval stories share countless similarities, with bold heroes and sinister villains at every turn. Do you know whether these things happened in "A Game of Thrones" or "Lord of the Rings"?

In which series do Ned Stark's children adopt direwolf pups?

As "Game of Thrones" begins, Ned Stark's children adopt cute little direwolf pups that will become lifelong friends and important guardians of the royal offspring.


Little creatures called "hobbits" are important characters in which story?

In "Lord of the Rings", the hobbits are the diminutive creatures that make their homes in comfortable hobbit holes. Once in a great while, a few hobbits will leave the security of home to go on a fantastic adventure.


The One Ring is a hugely important piece of bling in which story?

The One Ring grants the wearer the incredible ability of invisibility in "Lord of the Rings." But it's laced with evil that creeps into the owner's mind in dark and ominous ways.


A place called Middle-earth is incredibly important to the story in _____.

Middle-earth is the setting for most of the "Lord of the Ring" stories. The forces of good and evil often clash in epic battles that take place in Middle-earth.


In which series does the castle Winterfell play an important role?

In "A Game of Thrones," Winterfell is the legendary home castle of House Stark. It even has a luxury feature -- a hot spring beneath the castle helps to keep the cold at bay.


Bilbo Baggins is a primary character who does heroic things in _____.

Bilbo is the little hobbit who does big things in "Lord of the Rings." He's befriended by a wizard named Gandalf, and the two set off on dangerous adventures that pit them against the darkest evils of Middle-earth.


In which series would you find a continent named Westeros?

Westeros is the large continent in "A Game of Thrones." Most of the storylines take place in Westeros, a name that is often used interchangeably with Seven Kingdoms.


The Night's Watch is a brotherhood of men that keeps watch near The Wall, entrusted with keeping the anarchy of the North at bay. You'll find the Night's Watch in which series?

The Night's Watch guards spend most of their days in hard labor and boredom. But once in a while, great danger threatens The Wall and the people south of it.


A terrifying dragon named Smaug kills many unfortunate victims in which story?

In "The Hobbit", the book that comes before the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, Bilbo Baggins and his new friends venture up Lonely Mountain to steal back treasure from the dragon Smaug. But Smaug, as you can imagine, will not part with his goodies without a fight.


In which story would you find a manipulative dwarf named Tyrion?

Tyrion Lannister's small physical stature belies his intelligence and courage. Other people dismiss his abilities ... at their own expense.


Where would you find a barren, windswept place called the Iron Islands?

The Iron Islands are a desolate place west of Westeros in "A Game of Thrones." The natives are weathered and hardened to the realities of life's cruelties -- they are the Iron Born.


You'll find the Seven Kingdoms in _____.

The Seven Kingdoms are the seven great houses in "A Game of Thrones." Some of the kingdoms are just and loyal -- others are filled with backstabbing traitors.


Gollum is a twisted character who lurks in which story?

Gollum gets his slimy little hands on the One Ring in "Lord of the Rings," and the ring twists his mind. He becomes obsessed with "my precious," and is very, very angry when a certain hobbit runs off with the artifact.


Aragorn is a Ranger of the North, and he's featured heavily in _____.

Aragorn is one of the main heroes in "Lord of the Rings." When Gandalf disappears, he takes the reins of the Fellowship of the Ring and leads his friends to glory.


Which series features a psychopathic royal son named Joffrey?

In "A Game of Thrones," Joffrey is the eldest son of Cersei Lannister. His lack of empathy and sadistic cruelty make him one of the story's vilest characters.


Sauron is an evil wizard who plots against good in which story?

Sauron is a powerful wizard who falls to the forces of evil. He becomes a disciple and servant to Morgoth, the most evil creature in "Lord of the Rings."


Which series features a paraplegic named Bran?

Bran is one of Ned Stark's sons, and a terrible fall paralyzed him. But with the help of his friends, he sets off across Westeros on a series of (often harrowing) adventures.


Mordor is a dark and dreary place in which story?

Mordor is often called the Land of Shadow in "Lord of the Rings." It's a place controlled by an evil wizard named Sauron, who menaces anyone who dares to approach his lair.


Jon Snow is a famous bastard son featured in which story?

Jon Snow is one of the biggest characters in "A Game of Thrones." He thinks of himself as a full-fledged son of Ned Stark, and he's determined to carry on Ned's legacy of decency and honor.


A woman named Daenerys commands dragons in which series?

Daenerys has humble beginnings, but she finds a great power within herself in "A Game of Thrones." She then manages to tame dragons, an act that makes her legendary throughout the Seven Kingdoms.


Isengard is a huge and vital fortress in which story?

Isengard is a huge castle in "Lord of the Rings," and it changes hands during the storyline. For a time, it's home to one of the evilest wizards in all of Middle-earth.


The Dothraki are a fierce warrior tribe in which series?

In "A Game of Thrones," the Dothraki are a nomadic tribe that wanders huge grasslands of Westeros. They place great value on combat skills and ferocity.


Mount Doom is a place of significance in _____.

The hobbits journey to Mordor and Mount Doom in "Lord of the Rings," a trip that's filled with danger and wonder. Their purpose? To chuck the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom, ridding the world of the cursed jewelry once and for all.


In which story do a royal brother and sister develop an incestuous relationship?

In "A Game of Thrones," Cersei and Jaime Lannister have a long and passionate physical relationship. They seem troubled by their behavior, but they keep doing it, anyway.


Saruman the White makes some rather poor life choices in which story?

In "Lord of the Rings," Saruman the White is initially meant to do a good thing by challenging the evil Sauron. But he falls prey to the siren call of power and becomes evil himself.


King's Landing is a major setting for action in ______.

King's Landing is the royal capital of Westeros in "A Game of Thrones." It's home to the Red Keep, an enormous royal castle.


A young girl named Arya sets out on a quest of revenge in which story?

Arya Stark is the daughter of Ned Stark, and she's no wilting flower. Brutalized by enemies of her family, she slowly but surely becomes a warrior in her own right.


The War of the Ring rages in _____.

In "Lord of the Rings," the forces of good and evil clash in the War of the Ring. Both sides want to gain control of the One Ring and claim the continent for themselves.


Harrenhal is a huge (but ruined) castle in which story?

In "A Game of Thrones," Harrenhal is an enormous castle that's seen better days. Much of the castle is ruined -- but that doesn't stop other houses from occupying it. Those houses, though, always wind up dying out, perhaps because the place is cursed.


Castlerly Rock is a castle that's home to much plotting and conniving in _____.

Casterly Rock is the one castle of House Lannister in "A Game of Thrones." The Lannisters are a deceitful bunch, grasping for power at any cost.


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