Was It Joe DiMaggio or Babe Ruth?


Who was born in California?

Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio was born in Martinez, CA, in 1914. He was the eighth of nine children.

Who lived above a saloon?

Babe Ruth lived above one of his father's saloons as a child. This was what is now Oriole Park at Camden Yards, in Baltimore.

Who made their professional debut at Fenway Park?

Babe played his first professional game at Fenway Park in 1914. This was the year DiMaggio was born!

Who married a 16-year old coffee shop waitress?

Babe Ruth married a 16-year-old coffee shop waitress. She was someone he met on his first day in Boston, playing for the Red Sox.

Who married Marilyn Monroe?

We hope you got this one right. Joe DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe. He also married actress Dorothy Arnold.

Who coached for the Oakland A's?

After retirement as a player, DiMaggio coached for the Oakland A's. This was from 1968-1969.

Who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Joe DiMaggio was the proud recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, given to him by President Gerald Ford. It is one of the greatest honors in the land bestowed​ on a non-soldier.

Who has a 7-3 World Series record?

He won four with New York. Playing for the Sox, Babe helped them to win three World Series - 1915, 1916 and 1918. The Sox wouldn't win again until 2004.

He hit 259 home runs in 12 seasons.

Babe Ruth hit 259 home runs in 12 seasons at Yankee Stadium. This record was only topped by Mickey Mantle at 266, who did it in 18 seasons.

Who came within four hits of batting .400?

Babe came within 4 hits of batting .400. Instead, he batted .393 in 1923.

Who was traded to the Yankees in 1934?

It was DiMaggio that was traded to the Yankees in 1934. He was taken from San Francisco with four other players.

Who was part of one of the Yankees' best years?

DiMaggio was part of the fabled 1939 Yankees team. It is considered to be one of the best in baseball history.

Who was the first $100,000 salary player?

DiMaggio was the first ever $100,000 player. Not bad after a rookie salary of $8,500.

Who was an expert pitcher?

Ruth was an amazing pitcher. In the 1916 World Series, he pitched a 14-inning game to beat the Dodgers.

Who brought the Yankees to the World Series for the first time?

The Yankees had never been to the World Series before Babe Ruth. They would go to the World Series 7 times out of the 15 years Ruth was with them.

Who was ousted as captain after six games?

Babe Ruth was appointed captain of the Yankees in 1922. Coming back from suspension, he heard heckling in the crowd and went after some guy. His captaincy was removed.

Yankee Stadium was dubbed “The House That _______ Built.”

It was dubbed "The House That Ruth Built" by sportswriter Fred Lieb when it opened on April 18, 1923. Ruth hit a homer during its inaugural game.

Who only won MVP once?

Babe Ruth actually only won MVP once in his career. At the time, a player was only allowed to receive this award one time.

Who was number 9 as a rookie before switching to 5?

DiMaggio started as #9, but then he became the famous #5. His rookie year was one of the best in baseball history.

Who had a restaurant?

Joe DiMaggio had DiMaggio's Restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. It was run by his brother Tom.

Who was a candy bar?

Baby Ruth, anyone? Although some will deny that it was named after the Babe, the timing just works out.

Who was voted into the Hall of Fame in 1955?

DiMaggio was voted into the Hall of Fame in 1955. This was on his third try. Babe entered in 1936 as one of five initial inductees.

Who hosted a pre-game Yankees TV show?

DiMaggio hosted a pre-game TV show for the Yankees after his retirement. This was for WPIX.

“I don’t room with _____, I room with his suitcase.”

This quote was from Yankees outfielder Ping Bodie. It was in reference to Ruth's late-night escapades.

Who was on the team that first topped 1,000,000 in attendance at the stadium?

In 1920, which was Ruth's first year with the Yankees, attendance topped 1,000,000. This was in the wake of the Black Sox scandal.

Who hit 15 World Series home runs?

Babe hit 15 World Series home runs. This was a record until Mickey Mantle broke it in 1964.

Who wore the iconic #3?

Ruth began to wear his iconic #3 in 1929. Some believe the Yankees were the first to wear numbers on their backs, but this was not true.

Who was famous for the "Called Shot"?

Babe Ruth was famous for the "Called Shot," pointing in the air to where his homer was about to go. This was done first against the Cubs at the 1932 World Series.

Who only stole 30 bases in his career?

DiMaggio only stole 30 bases in his career. He had a high of six in 1938.

Who had a 56-game hitting streak?

Joe DiMaggio had a 56-game hitting streak. This was in 1941, when he was batting .408!

Who was the author of “Lucky to be a Yankee”?

DiMaggio authored “Lucky to be a Yankee.” He also wrote "The DiMaggio Albums" and "Baseball for Everyone."

Who chewed tobacco and drank whiskey as a kid?

It is said that Ruth chewed tobacco and drank whiskey by the age of 8. He had a rough and tumble life, to say the least.

Who died at the age of 53?

Ruth died quite young, at the age of 53. He died from throat cancer.

Who said, “If I can’t do it right, I don’t want to play any longer”?

DiMaggio said this upon his retirement in 1951. He was voted “Greatest Living Player” in 1969.

Who appeared in four feature films?

Ruth actually appeared in four feature films as himself or close to his own character. He made an appearance in "Pride of the Yankees," for one.

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