Quiz: Was It Star Trek Original or Next Generation?
Was It Star Trek Original or Next Generation?
By: John Miller
Image: Paramount Television

About This Quiz

In 1966, Gene Roddenberry, a Hollywood screenwriter and producer, created “Star Trek,” a science fiction show that found a home on CBS. At first, the space-themed show didn’t really grab an audience (or critics), but it slowly earned more and more respect. Though its network run was rather short, the show became an icon of 20th-century television … and in the '90s, it gave rise to a spin-off series called “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” In this quiz, if we list a detail about the show, do you think you can tell whether it applies to the “Original Series” or “The Next Generation”?

Both shows feature advanced Starfleet ships called the Enterprise. And both feature adventurous episodes that find crews battling hostile alien beings and complicated moral scenarios all over the universe. Do you think you remember their stories well enough to name the correct show?

This quiz is no easy spacewalk. Both shows share a lot of similarities, including charismatic and bold captains. Captain Kirk and Captain Jean-Luc Picard are joined by a host of unforgettable supporting characters, from Data and Spock to Riker and McCoy. Together, they all boldly go where no one has gone before.

Jump to warp speed in this “Star Trek” quiz! We’ll soon see if you can survive the challenges of outer space … or if the Borg will consume your whole civilization!

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