Quiz: Was It the Red Sox or the Yankees?
Was It the Red Sox or the Yankees?
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: Carl Horner

About This Quiz

A trophy case of titles, a curse, Hall of Fame players and story-book moments; the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry has it all, which is one of the reasons both teams are so fun to watch, especially when they play each other. How well do you know these teams, though? Could you pass this quiz by telling us if it was the Red Sox or the Yankees? Give it a shot and find out!

The Red Sox and Yankees have been around since Major League Baseball was founded in 1903, the first year of the modern World Series. Since then, both teams have developed a rich history individually and against one another, creating one of the greatest rivalries in all of professional sports. These two teams have each fielded all-star-caliber teams with some of the most legendary players in baseball history, many who played for both teams, which only added fuel to the rivalry when these teams met on the field. 

If you choose to keep up with any sport's rivalry, the Red Sox and Yankees are definitely worth your time. If you're already a fan of either team, then this quiz is worth your time as well. Take it and test your knowledge on the Red Sox and Yankees!

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