Quiz: We Bet You Can't Name The Differences Between a 1970s Car and a Car from Today
We Bet You Can't Name The Differences Between a 1970s Car and a Car from Today
By: Becky
Image: Alexandre Prévot from Nancy, France

About This Quiz

Do you still have a 1970s model in your garage that you love to tinker with on the weekends but you drive a newer model car to work every day? Why? Is it because there are differences between the two cars that make one better for one use and another better for other uses? Yup, we thought so. So, you know that there are differences, but can you actually name them? We're only asking for 15 here, so it shouldn't be too hard. Are you ready to see how many you can name?

We all know intuitively that there are numerous differences between the cars of the 1970s and the cars of today. Car manufacturers made changes designed to improve driveability, economy, and safety, even if you don't agree that each of these changes makes sense. What's likely the problem is that you are retaining a bit of classic car nostalgia for those iconic models from the 1970s. Don't worry, we are too. But we do have to admit that many of the changes that have taken place in the nearly half century are pretty exciting. Do you agree?

So, the bottom line is, can you name the differences between a 1970s car and a car from today? Can you?

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