Quiz: We Can Accurately Guess Your Age By How Dirty Your Mind Is
We Can Accurately Guess Your Age By How Dirty Your Mind Is
By: Teresa M.
Image: SHutterstock

About This Quiz

While some of us can go all day without having a naughty thought, others of us can't make it over 15 minutes! Are you the type that sees an erotic object everywhere you go or are you as pure as newly fallen snow? There's no judgment here, so tell us what is on your mind and don't hold back. After we figure out how dirty your mind really is, we'll also be able to tell you your age!

Being young might mean being more promiscuous, but being older could mean you have a lot more dirty thoughts stored in your head. As we go through the dirty mind quiz, we want to know exactly what you think. We will give you prompts, and we will ask questions designed to get inside your mind. After we've spent a while imploring your frisky side, we are quite confident we'll be able to figure out how old you are. Remember to be as open as you can so that we can make the most informed guess. 

Dim the lights and put on some mood music. You might even want to light a candle or two. No matter how you set the tone, we are ready to figure out just how dirty you trully are! 

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