Quiz: We Can Accurately Guess Your Religion in Just 30 Questions!
We Can Accurately Guess Your Religion in Just 30 Questions!
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Faith is a very personal thing for billions of people across the world. For some, it is the cornerstone of their life, informing every action from big ones like who they marry and where they live to mid-size ones like what to eat and how to spend their weekends, to small ones like what to wear or which way to face at a given time. Other people might not have a faith at all, and perhaps even think the very idea of it is pretty silly. Some are militantly atheistic and have made something of a religion out of their godlessness.

Most people, however, are somewhat in the middle: we do our best to stick to the big laws about being a good person and not coveting or lying (too much!), but we give ourselves a break on observing every single ritual and keeping every single law. That doesn't mean we aren't deeply devoted to our faiths, though. We might very well not show up to church or temple for months but still be passionately active in our community in other ways, or just in a constant dialog with faith and prayer themselves.

Whether you're a full-time devotee or what one rabbi dubbed a "seventh-day absentist," tell us about your faith, and we'll see if we can figure out which religion you call your own!

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