Quiz: We Can Guess What Sport You Played in High School Based on Your Cartoon Preferences
We Can Guess What Sport You Played in High School Based on Your Cartoon Preferences
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Cartoon Network

About This Quiz

If these were your high school days, (however long ago that may have been) you'd probably be getting ready to hit the gym or the field right now. You'd have your sneakers packed in your gym bag, along with the socks you'd have to wear. You'd probably already have the warm-up exercise programmed in your mind already too. Those were the days! 

But what sport did you play? Was it a contact sport like football or wee you running away from something? Well, we want to take a guess at what that sport could be. But first, we need to know a few things. 

We're gonna ask you about your tastes in cartoons. And when we say cartoons, we're going to go all the way down to Dora the Explorer and up to the likes of Beavis and Butthead and Bojack Horseman. We want to make sure we tick all the boxes in the cartoon department so make sure you're ready for it. And like we said, we're going to analyze all your answers, then we'll tell you exactly which sport you used to get down with back in high school. 

After all, cartoons do bring out the kid in you!

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