Quiz: We Can Guess if You're a Genius Based on Your Personality
We Can Guess if You're a Genius Based on Your Personality
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Your personality gives so much away about you that you would be surprised once you saw it all written out! From your willingness to help to your favorite restaurants to your book preferences, our personalities are made up of many layers that add up to the sum of our wholes. Up until now, the one thing your personality may not have indicated is your level of genius!. We're here to change that!

As you go through our personality-genius hybrid quiz, we will examine your strongest traits, your book smarts, and the things you need in life to feel like yourself. By the time we've finished, we will be able to use your personality to find out where you sit on the MENSA map. Will you be off the charts or barely touching the graph?

While not all of you can be geniuses, we are certain you have other amazing qualities that will outweigh your smarts! However, there might just be a few of you out there that are certifiably the smartest person in the world. The only way to find out for sure is to carefully answer our questions with the response you feel best represents you. Will your personality to you any favors in the brains department? Let's find out! 

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