We Can Tell What Type of Kid You Were from This "Yes or No" Bad Habits Quiz!

Teresa M.

When you are at home alone, do you ever walk around talking to yourself?

Would you say you are in better shape now than you were in high school?

Do you ever call off of work because you have a hangover from partying the night before?

Do you usually slouch and cross your legs when you are sitting in a meeting?

Would your most recent ex say that you have a healthy sleeping routine?

Do you spend more time watching television than you do finishing up projects you've started?

Would your coworkers say that you are sometimes overconfident and don't think things through?

When you were a teenager, did you go through a rebellious and defiant stage?

Do you procrastinate when you know that you should be studying or working on something?

Have you been late for work more than three times during the last month?

When you were young, were you often asked to stop talking during class?

Was there a lot of sibling rivalry in your house growing up that makes you competitive now?

Does it bother you deeply when your plans get changed for you?

Do you ever eat breakfast or drink coffee while you are on your commute?

Are you supposed to be working while you are choosing your answers on this quiz?

Would you ever order a pizza with onions and garlic and then go to a social event?

Do you find it easy to put all the thoughts out of your mind at night when you try to sleep?

Do you need to write a grocery list to remember everything that you need from the store?

Have you ever smoked a cigarette in a no smoking building?

Would you say your spirit animal is more like of a member of a wolf pack than a lamb in flock of sheep?

Do you often pick up fast food for dinner because it's easier than cooking?

Would your boss say that you sometimes have a hard time paying attention to the rules?

Did you spend a lot of time in time out or grounded when you were little?

Do you tap your fingers or bounce your knee when you are waiting in a waiting room?

Would your parents say that you always dress appropriately for family events?

Do you often clam up when someone would like to hear your thoughts?

Are you the type of person that gets clean clothes directly from the dryers instead of a dresser drawer?

Do you often stay up later than you should watching late night television shows?

Would your childhood best friend say that you've changed a lot over the years?

Do you easily lose your patience with others when trying to explain something?

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About This Quiz

We want to know what kind of kid you were, and taking this "Yes or No" quiz will give us a pretty good idea. Whether you were the type of kid who took pride in doing your chores or the kind of kid that threw a tantrum at every opportunity? After getting to know more about you, we're sure we can nail it down. Then, it's up to you to comment and let us know if we are right or wrong. 

You may or may not have changed all that much since childhood. It doesn't really matter to us if you've actually grown up or if you're only an adult because your driver's license says so. We're more concerned with your gut-instinct, knee-jerk yes or no answers. They things you would or wouldn't do and the things you like or choose to dislike can tell us what kind of little kid you were - maybe that you still are inside! 

You might not enjoy having to answer questions, but you're sure to get a laugh when you imagine yourself in some of the scenarios we present to you. Unleash the child you used to be! You'll enjoy it, and we'll figure out what type of kid you were way back then.

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