We'll Guess Where In The US You Grew Up Based On What Words You Use!

Zoe Samuel

How quickly do you speak?

How likely are you to interrupt people?

How do you address people who work for you?

Are you used to carrying on more than one conversation at a time?

How elaborate is your greeting?

How do you say hello to someone you are familiar with?

How do you say hello to someone you aren't familiar with?

What do you call a cup of coffee?

What do you call a carbonated beverage?

How do you refer to your car?

What is your shorthand for food?

What do you call your significant other?

What do you call a television?

How do you refer to your place of education?

When you say "football" what does it usually mean?

How likely are you to get sidetracked when talking about something?

How many tangents can you go on without losing track of what you were originally talking about?

What other language makes its way into your vocabulary?

What accent do you find it difficult to understand?

How would you say where you live?

How would you refer to friends individually or as a group?

How would you describe a total reversal?

How would you say something is excellent?

How would you describe a lot of something?

How do you refer to a friend with a general pronoun?

Do other people find it difficult to understand some of your local expressions?

How would you describe your average road trip?

What do you wear to bed?

What's the best way to eat?

How would you describe a disreputable person?

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About This Quiz

Howdy, y'all! Or do we mean to say hi there, partner? Perhaps you'd prefer a casual-sounding 'sup brah? A nice chilled-out hi dude? How you greet someone is only one part of how you use the English language to communicate - and while it's a big part, we'll need to know all about all of your linguistic foibles and preferences to accurately identify which part of this great land you call home. So buckle up for this quiz in which we'll investigate which words you love, which words you find inexplicably weird, and what each of those things says about you!

While there are definitely many words that are used throughout American English, regional variation remains very strong. It's not a surefire guide to your class, your education, and even the identity of the block you grew up on as it might be in the much more stratified British English, but it does convey a lot about you. 

Some Americans speak quickly and need short, rapid-fire vocabulary that trips off the tongue. Others prefer an idiom that suits their more relaxed drawl. Some seek to convey friendliness and others are more standoffish. It's time to find out which of these you are, and thus where you might call home. Let's get started!

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