Quiz: We Can Totally Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based on the TV Shows You Love
We Can Totally Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based on the TV Shows You Love
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Since ancient times, men and women have tried to predict behavior and fate by the stars. The configuration of the stars at the time and date of one's birth dictates the star sign, moon sign, and rising sign, the three of which can be used to try to triangulate human behavior.

Today, more people will judge you and your personality based on the culture you choose to imbibe. Do you love horror movies? Maybe you're a little strange. Do you love romcoms? Perhaps you're an old-fashioned romantic. Are you a huge fan of science fiction? Nerd. These, along with choices in music, clothing, art, even manners of speech lead people to believe things, unfairly or not, about you and your personality.

Let's turn this around. We have devised a series of questions about your television viewing habits designed to determine what your zodiac sign is. If the zodiac sign can indeed determine personality, then perhaps cultural choices around television programming can be used to reverse engineer the position of the stars, moon, and sun at the time of your birth. Don't believe us? Then put us to the test and see if we can guess your zodiac sign from your favorite TV shows!

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