Quiz: We Challenge You to ID All of These Breeds If You Think You're a Dog Expert
We Challenge You to ID All of These Breeds If You Think You're a Dog Expert
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Francesco Carta fotografo / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

As we were saying, the World Canine organization recognizes more than 300 dogs breeds from around the world. And each of them belongs to one group. There are the herding dogs, the terriers, the toys and the sporting. We also have the working, the non-sporting and the hound- and each of the dogs in those groups help identify the breeds they might be. For example, in the toy group, dogs are a lot smaller than the average canine. This is to say that if we showed you a dog that you realized was smaller than usual, there's no way it could be a Great Dane or a German Shepherd. 

So, we want you to read between the lines today and call forth all your dog knowledge. Use the pictures of the dogs to determine its size to knock out a few wrong options first, then try to remember what each dog could possibly be. Do this enough times, correctly, and you'll ace this dog breed test. Fail, and your furry pet may just turn its tail on you. 

Are you ready to find out whether you can identify all these dog breeds? 

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A scent-driven canine, what is the dog you see in this picture?
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This is a toy dog whose name is derived from a certain Mediterranean country. Which name does it go by?
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This breed may just be the most used guard dog across the earth. What is its name?
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A dog that is often mistaken for an Asian breed is actually German and its name means "little lion." What name does it go by?
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One of the most family-friendly dogs in existence, which breed do you think is pictured here?
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Also called the Tang Quan, what's the more common name of this dog?
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A toy dog with bright eyes and a curled tail, what is this lovable canine's name?
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A mix between an Old English dog and an English Mastiff, what do you think this breed is called?
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This is the national dog of Cuba and its name sort of reflects that. What do you think it's called?
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Bred for herding livestock and protecting land, which "big" dog is this?
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This breed was created in the United States by a man named Arthur Walden. What name did he give it?
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The famous movie dog, Beethoven, was one of these.
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Named after a region in France, what is this obedient dog known as?
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A trainable Hungarian dog is what this is. But what name does its breed go by?
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Maybe the most well-known dogs on the planet, what kind of fluffy dog is this?
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This Asian dog can either be hairless or coated. What is its name?
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A Scottish dog known for its massive amounts of fur, what breed is this animal?
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Often said to be the tallest dog breed in existence, what name do you think this dog goes by?
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Based on the picture, which of the options best suits this dog?
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Also called the Red Setter, because of its color, what kind of dog is this?
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A mix between a poodle and an English cocker spaniel is what this dog is. Which name seems most appropriate for it?
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This French dog's name translates to "butterfly." What is it?
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What name was given to this breed of dog?
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A sporting dog from the United Kingdom, which of the names best matches the animal shown here?
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Known for its spotted coat, what is this breed called?
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This dog has fur that is corded all over its body. What do you think its name is?
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Often called the King of the Toys, what's the name of this small breed?
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This herding dog hails from the Land Down Under. What do you think its name is?
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A mix between a Labrador Retriever and Poodle is what this dog is. But what is it called?
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What name was given to this tiny dog which was made to hunt puffins?
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This toy breed got its name from an area near Poland and Germany. What is it called?
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Created for the purposes of protecting sheep, what kind of working dog is this?
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What do you think this fearless toy dog is called?
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Bred for hunting hare in England, what kind of dog is this?
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This dog is the national dog of Finland and it's name clearly says that. What is it called?
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Which dog breed is pictured here?
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This smaller version and member of the terrier group is known for its egg-shaped head. What is it?
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Created to serve as the companion to French royalty, which dog breed is this?
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To which breed does this black, non-sporting dog belong?
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A Chinese toy dog, what do you think is this canine's breed?
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