Quiz: If We Give You a Photo of an Animal, Can You Guess What Movie It's From?
If We Give You a Photo of an Animal, Can You Guess What Movie It's From?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: The Walt Disney Company

About This Quiz

Animals have starred in thousands of movies that have graced the big screens of Hollywood. Every animal- from sharks, chimpanzees, dogs and even rats have had their moment of glory.

Dory from the Disney classic, "Finding Nemo," is an animated version of a royal blue tang/surgeonfish and one of the most famous movie animals ever. Because of her friendliness, optimism, and loyalty to her friends in time of need, she is lauded as one of the most lovable fish on television. Remy from the 2007 film, "Ratatouille," is also famous because he's a rat who can probably cook better than most of us. "Free Willy" is another timeless film that highlights the cruelty faced by a whale, specifically a killer whale, who lives at a theme park where he is held for viewing. The emotional anguish in this film is brought to life by Willy and a young orphan Jesse, who fights against the odds to free the unhappy whale from the wicked plots of his captors.

It is no coincidence that animals are used in films, as they add humor and compassion to the motion picture. They have the ability to appeal to adults and children alike, regardless of whether or not they are real or imagined animals. What we want to know is how well you know your movie animals. Would you be able to name them if we showed you a picture? Let's find out!

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