Quiz: If We Give You the Mascot and a Product, Can You Name the Company?
If We Give You the Mascot and a Product, Can You Name the Company?
By: Olivia C
Image: Frito Lay/Travelocity/Green Giant

About This Quiz

This is for all brand-conscious people out there! Yes, we all are, at one point or another. So why not have fun with it, right? We will try to give you some helpful hints and clues about the products of these brands or companies, and then tell us what brand or company they are! To make things more fun, exciting and of course easier, we'll throw in the brand mascot to boot. How's that for a hoot?

It's an inescapable fact that, in our daily life, we will eventually run into a brand or company in our daily routines. Whether the brand is connected to something as basic as food, clothing or similar things, or whether the brand is something considered niche or high-end, advertising made sure that these brands become household names in our homes. But are they?

Some are! With the help of their flag bearers -- namely the mascots -- they become friendlier to us in the long run. These mascots are their first brand ambassadors, and their commercials help in making them familiar to us. And the rest, as the marketing people term it, is brand loyalty history.

So let's see just how far your knowledge goes. Open up the quiz and have fun with it!

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Col. Sanders and his fried chicken are great! What company is this?
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Tony the Tiger loves his flakes a bit white. What’s his brand?
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This is Bibendum, who likes car tires. Which company is this?
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This Doughboy is as famous as its baking company. Which brand is this?
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This is Horatio Magellan Crunch, who takes his cereals with milk. Which brand is this?
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Mr. Peanut likes his legume snacks in a can. What company is this?
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This is Mario, if you like video games. What company is this?
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Ronald is a global dude, like his fast food crew. Which company is this?
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Mr. Clean is so identifiable a brand, especially if you want to do laundry. What company made him?
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This is Lucky the Leprechaun, who likes marshmallows with cereals. What’s his brand?
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Chilly drinks are in with this pitcher dude. What’s the company brand here?
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This tireless Bunny sure is battery-powered! Which company is this?
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Rich Uncle Pennybags is familiar to board game lovers. Which product is this?
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This familiar gecko is identifiable with car insurance stuff. What company is this?
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This Jolly huge dude likes his peas! What product is this?
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Ernie J. sure likes his cookies! Which company brand is this?
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Quicky likes his chocolate drink. What brand is this?
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Snap, Crackle and Pop like their cereals small! What brand is this?
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Chester Cheetah is the name of this cool dude, if you like cheese-flavored snacks. What’s his product?
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This emperor with an appetite could be satisfied with pizza. What company is this?
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These colorful "spokescandies" vouch for which chocolate brand?
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We love this dear relative's pancake mix stuff! What's her brand?
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Meet Julius, as seen on the can of this potato snack. What brand is this?
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This funny guy is Alfred E. Neuman. What publication company did he come from?
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This freckled girl represents a global brand of burger joint. Which one is it?
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This shining lady likes you to try raisins. What's the brand here?
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This ruggedly handsome cowboy quit smoking his cigarettes already. Which brand is this?
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Gnome around the world with this mascot and this travel agency. What company is this?
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This recognizable baby promoting baby food is from which company?
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Coco the Monkey likes his choco cereals! What brand is this?
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Spuds MacKenzie represented this beer, yo! Which one is it?
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This is Mr. Ettore Boiardi, who could instantly help you make pasta. Which company is this?
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This rabbit likes his cereals colorful! Which brand is this?
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This bunch of singing and dancing raisins grooved for which institution in the '80s?
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Punchy is the name! Which brand is his game?
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This mermaid wants you to try this canned tuna product. What is it?
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Joe is the name of this cigarette's mascot. Which is it?
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Sailor Jack and Bingo the dog want you to rediscover this famous American snack. What is this brand?
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This ancient-looking man wants you to eat their oatmeal. What company is he from?
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If you remember this vampire, then you remember his favorite cereal! Which is it?
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