If We Give You the Mascot and a Product, Can You Name the Company?

By: Olivia C

Col. Sanders' famed fast food was previously known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. But they upped their ante of coolness when they decided to shorten it to KFC and adopt the initials as the revised brand name.

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes has one of the most identifiable mascots to date. His name is Tony the Tiger.

Bibendum is the official name of Michelin's mascot. The French tire company's standard bearer is also known as Michelin Man.

Did you know that the Pillsbury Doughboy actually has a name? He's called Poppin' Fresh, yo!

The Cap'n Crunch cereal line is actually very versatile. Yep, the Cap'n comes in many flavors, folks!

If you like your nuts processed and stored in a can, better get Planters. Mr. Peanut can attest to its good quality, since he's been vouching for it since 1917!

Nintendo is a popular Japanese manufacturer of computer games and consoles. But their mascot is a plumber named Mario, who's actually Italian. Fancy that!

McDonald's is unmistakably familiar with its clown mascot. That's Mr. Ronald McDonald, mind you!

Procter & Gamble is a famous household name, thanks largely to their line of domestic cleaning products. And of course, the hunky Mr. Clean mascot (and his product line) helped that popularity soar!

Lucky Charms is the cereal brand made by General Mills. They have a lot, not just this one with the Leprechaun.

This is the Kool-Aid Man. He hawks flavored drinks invented in Nebraska.

This is the Energizer Bunny. Yep, it speaks for the longer-lasting power of Energizer batteries.

The Monopoly board game is a big hit for people. Who knew that a game about real estate would be this successful globally?

GEICO is a known car insurance company in America. But its gecko mascot is more popular sometimes ...

There's a huge Jolly Green Giant landmark in Minnesota. This is where the canned green peas got manufactured first.

The Keebler Company is responsible for the line of cookies bearing the image of Ernie J. Keebler. Yep, they're the elves who make them cookies...

Nestlé is the manufacturer of the Nesquik line of products. But they're more popular for their Nesquik powdered drinks.

Snap, Crackle and Pop help the popularity of Rice Krispies. This brand is made by the Kellogg Company.

Cheetos is a very cheesy cheese puff snack. Chester Cheetah likes it like that!

Little Caesars is a known pizza chain. It holds the distinction of being the third largest in the US, actually.

Officially, there are six M&M's chocolate candies that serve as mascots. Each color has a distinct personality.

Aunt Jemima is very recognizable for those who like to whip up pancakes and other brekkie yummies. Would you believe that she has been around since the late 1880s?

Yes, the Pringles dude on the can has a name. It's Julius, and we love poppin' their multi-flavored products with him!

MAD Magazine's unmistakable mascot is found inside its legendary funny pages. Yes, his name is Alfred E. Neuman.

Wendy's is the actual nickname of this fast food chain's mascot. Founder Dave Thomas named the chain and the mascot after his daughter.

This famous Sun-Maid Girl is actually based on a real-life girl. Her name was Lorraine Collett who dressed up as the raisin girl back in 1915.

The famed Marlboro Man was a popular live-action advertising "mascot" for Marlboro cigarettes, until the early 2000s. Since it's not cool to smoke anymore, cigarette makers got the hint, and retired the man.

This is the Roaming Gnome. It has been helping Travelocity with its travel agency booking brand for decades.

Gerber is a manufacturer of baby food products. Did you know that the Gerber Baby mascot-logo is based on the likeness of Ann Turner Cook, now known as the author of the Brandy O'Bannon mystery novel series?

Coco Pops is actually Cocoa Krispies, but that's the name brand known outside the US. Coco the Monkey is the original mascot for this line, but was replaced later on. However, countries where the Coco Pops brand still stand maintained the monkey mascot.

Beer drinkers got to know Spuds first in the late '80s ads of Bud Light. But the dog got more popular than the beer! Fancy that.

Chef Boyardee Canned Foods was established way back in the late 1920s. And an Italian immigrant named Mr. Ettore Boiardi started it, using his own image as his "mascot."

The rabbit in Trix Cereal actually has a name. He's Tricks. Not such a stretch there...

These famous California Raisins animated singing and dancing mascots were supposed to help the Sun-Maid brand in the late '80s, but gained popularity on its own. The California Raisin Advisory Board continued to go-signal their existence until the late '90s.

Yep, that Hawaiian Punch mascot has a name. It's Punchy!

Is it fish or is it chicken? Jessica Simpson asked that once in her reality TV show, since Chicken of the Sea contains seafood. The mermaid might have answered that then.

Joe Camel was the "smooth character" mascot of Camel cigarettes back in the '80s and '90s. Due to many controversies, he got retired.

Cracker Jack is as American as baseball. It's actually composed of popcorn and peanuts.

The Quaker Oats Man is a familiar mascot for those who like their oatmeal. He has been the face of the Quaker Oats Company since the 1940s, but his origins go as far back as the late 1870s!

Count Chocula is both the mascot and brand name of one of the monster cereal products created by General Mills in the '70s. They still make this one occasionally, so watch out for it!

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About This Quiz

This is for all brand-conscious people out there! Yes, we all are, at one point or another. So why not have fun with it, right? We will try to give you some helpful hints and clues about the products of these brands or companies, and then tell us what brand or company they are! To make things more fun, exciting and of course easier, we'll throw in the brand mascot to boot. How's that for a hoot?

It's an inescapable fact that, in our daily life, we will eventually run into a brand or company in our daily routines. Whether the brand is connected to something as basic as food, clothing or similar things, or whether the brand is something considered niche or high-end, advertising made sure that these brands become household names in our homes. But are they?

Some are! With the help of their flag bearers -- namely the mascots -- they become friendlier to us in the long run. These mascots are their first brand ambassadors, and their commercials help in making them familiar to us. And the rest, as the marketing people term it, is brand loyalty history.

So let's see just how far your knowledge goes. Open up the quiz and have fun with it!

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