We Can Guess What High School Stereotype You Were Based on These Questions

Kennita Leon

How many friends did you have in high school?

Were you very athletic?

What were your grades like?

Did your parents give you a lunch box or money?

Who did you sit with at lunch?

What did you think about the cool kids?

What was your favorite class?

What did your teachers think about you?

Which of these were you most likely to wear on a Monday?

Did you have a curfew?

Did you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

When did you have your first kiss?

Which of these clubs or teams would you have participated in?

What did you do on the weekends?

Which of these movies about high school did you like the most?

Which of these genres of music was your favorite?

What GPA did you graduate with?

What did you do directly after high school?

If you could've used one word to describe yourself back then, which would it be?

If you could choose one high school profession, which would it be?

Would you go back to high school if you got a chance to redo it?

Did you repeat many of the same patterns in college as you did in high school?

What are you like now?

In which of these fields do you work?

Are you happy with your current salary?

What's your current relationship status?

Do you have children?

How many of your friends from high school are still your friends today?

Are you happy with how your life turned out?

What was your biggest regret in high school?

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Image: Wiki Commons by Bryan Ledgard

About This Quiz

Oh, high school, that sweet, sweet era of sky-high social, academic and extracurricular expectations!

No one made it out of high school totally unscathed, but we managed to make it out (at all) in large part due to our friend groups! Our cliques defined us and helped make those four years a lot more tolerable.

While there was some clique crossover (who can forget the jock who tried out for the spring musical?) most people stayed in their metaphorical lanes. The Academic Decathalon team studied together, ate lunch together and went to prom together, while the artsy students hung out in the ceramics studio at lunch. Certainly the band kids and theater kids interacted (hello, rehearsal!) but you rarely saw an emo kid among them.

Our cliques and stereotypes helped define how we saw ourselves. If you were known to get straight As, you likely felt obligated to keep getting straight As. 

College, and then real life, eliminated a lot of the roles we played in high school, but we knew the stereotypes we once embodied haven't left us completely! Take this quiz to see if we can guess exactly which role you played in those good old days!

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