We Know What State You Really Belong In

Brian Whitney

Do you call California "Cali"?

How much would you pay for a martini?

How much do you love football?

Do you like drastic weather changes?

How much traffic can you handle?

How often do you jaywalk?

Do you like things big?

What do you think of brick sidewalks?

What are you most likely to call a friend?

When was the last time you said "Hella"?

Do you like avocado?

Is your neighborhood gentrified?

Where would you get a burger?

What kind of music do you like best?

Do you like barbecue?

How often do you see film crews in your neighborhood?

Do you like craft beer?

What sounds the most fun?

Do you like the beach?

Do you like to say hi to strangers?

Are you into sushi?

Which of these baseball teams do you like best?

What do you want on your tacos?

How often have you been fishing or hunting?

Do you feel nervous when you're someplace really rural at night?

Do you mind tourists?

What could you handle most in your house?

How often do you take Ubers or cabs?

How often do you wear boots?

What do you consider a lot of snow?

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About This Quiz

America is an awesome country, and it is a pretty big one too. We have 50 states that make it up, and when you think about it, whether you are talking the climate, the landscape or the culture, it is rather amazing that a bunch of states so diverse all make up the same nation. Seriously, how much do people in Venice Beach, California, and Ketchikan, Alaska have in common? Not much. Same goes for Gary, Indiana and Miami, Florida, and thousands of other places that make up our country.

But one of the coolest things about America is just because you're born somewhere, doesn't mean you have to stay there. You could be born in Detroit, and wind up living in a groovy coastal town in North Carolina, or you could be born in Arkansas and wind up making your way to New York City. 

Some of us stay where we are because it is home because our families are where we are, and we are comfortable. Others don't move because they genuinely love where they are and have no desire to be anyplace else. But some people live in states that just don't feel right. These people often want to move, to try something else, but they have no idea where they should go. It's a big decision after all. Take this quiz and we'll you know in which state you really belong. 

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