Do We Know Which Generation You Belong to Based on Your Style Choices?

Tori Highley

Which of these pants would you wear to the club to grab everyone's attention?

Which of these bands tee would be great for a weekend concert?

Of the following: which hat do you grab to remedy a bad hair day?

Which of these time periods would you throw a costume party for?

Which of these historical women's fashion trends do you think should make a comeback?

Which shoes sound best for a great night of partying?

What kind of jacket is most appropriate for your workplace?

Which of these tattoo trends do you think is timeless?

Of the following: which era had the best trends in men's fashion?

Which piercing do you love the aesthetic of the most?

What kind of t-shirt is your favorite for a weekend at the park?

Which jacket makes you feel like a million bucks?

Of the following: which outrageous style icon has the best aesthetic?

Of these recent trends, what is your favorite men's hair style?

Which of the four oldest fashion design houses still operating would you love to shop?

Who do you believe is the world's greatest fashion designer?

Which time-keeping accessory is your favorite?

What was the best fashion trend from the '80s?

Of these options: which Victorian fashion trend should make a comeback?

Which style from the '40s are you most grateful for?

Which of these recent trends needs to fade away from modern fashion?

Which of these latest hair trends is your favorite for women?

What kind of accessory can one never have enough of?

Which of these timeless styles needs to be in everyone's wardrobe?

What kind of sunglasses keep you looking cool?

Which of these trendy swimsuits is summer made for?

Which of these fashion trends from the '90s had better not make a comeback?

Which of these British royal family members has the best style?

What kind of shoes do you wear all the time?

Which of these '70s fashion icons had the best style?

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About This Quiz

Some fashion trends live forever, like sneakers and denim jeans. People love a classic look, and every generation agrees on various fashion trends. A simple string of white pearls, a little black dress, or rough and tough canvas pants: all of these items, and more, bring entire generations together as they agree that these are truly great pieces of fashion. 

However, some fashion trends are doomed to die. Magazines are not featuring the giant hair of the '80s anymore. No one would dare to bring back the mullet. Heavy Victorian bustled skirts are only worn at costume parties and masquerade balls, and they are usually ditched halfway through the night. These fashion trends are truly horrible, in comfort and in style. Luckily, fashion trends are always cycling around, and usually, only the decently cool trends are picked back up from the past.

Your taste in fashion, especially about blasts of trends from the past, has a lot to do with the generation you belong to. What you grew up seeing celebrities and cool kids wearing massively affects your fashion taste. Thankfully, your sense of style has never been better, so take our quiz to see if we can guess when you grew up!

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