Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based on How You Order From Taco Bell?

Khadija L.

What is the best time of day to go to Taco Bell?

Who do you usually go with?

Which of these occasions do you go to Taco Bell for?

How do you prefer to order the food?

Do you usually eat all of the food that you order?

How many calories do you try to stay below?

Where do you like to eat your Taco Bell?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how spicy do you like your food?

Which of these breakfast menu items sounds the most appetizing?

Which of these drinks will you be getting with that?

What size drink do you usually get?

Which of these tacos would you like to try first?

The first taco wasn’t as good as you thought it would be, which if these will you have?

What kind of meat is in your tacos?

Which of these veggies has to be in your taco?

What kind of cheese do you like on your tacos?

Which condiment do you like to put on your tacos?

How do you like your tacos?

What side are you planning on getting with it?

Which of these quesadillas is calling your name?

Which of these nacho option has to be in your order?

Which of these newer menu items are you thinking about getting?

Which of these healthier options would you try?

What item on the menu do you find yourself craving?

How many empanadas do you think you can eat?

What will you be having for dessert?

Don’t lie, do you lick your cutlery or plate after eating?

Which of these drinks will you get to wind down your meal?

What will you be ordering to go with?

How do you feel after your meal?

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About This Quiz

The 12 zodiac signs were said to have been created by ancient astrologers who studied and analyzed the positions of the planets in relation to the sun, moon, and stars. Based on their findings, they were able to create the signs that give a list of essential characteristics that a person possesses. The signs are all associated with different personality traits that make them unique from the rest, each of them with their own weaknesses and strengths.

Many people know what their zodiac signs are, and while there are those who believe that it is all a big joke, you can't help deny that there is some truth to it. For instance, most Pisces are known for being intuitive, while Aries and Leos are known for being passionate. Capricorns have been called grounded, and Geminis are said to be great communicators.

Do you know that there are quizzes out there that can tell you what your zodiac sign is based on a few questions? Well, what about a quiz that will tell you your sign based on the things that you like to eat at Taco Bell? If you would like to see how accurate it is, then you can jump right in!

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