If We Show You a Photo of a Guinness World Record Holder, Can You Guess What Record They Broke?

By: Kennita Leon

Gary Turner, also known as elastic man, is a circus performer who became famous for his skin, the stretchiest in the entire world. He has a severe case of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which results in his stretchy skin. It also means that his skin is weakened and he can bleed easily from injuries. Turner can stretch his skin up to 6.25 inches and can use his rare condition to form a table with his belly or to even mimic Batman.

Kenichi Ito, now a 35-year-old Japanese athlete, first became famous in 2008 as the fastest man to run on all fours, winning the race at 18.58 seconds. The Tokyo native continued to make history in 2012 at 17. 47 seconds and 16.87 seconds in 2013. In 2014, his competitor, Katsumi Tamakoshi finished in 15.86 seconds and won the title, but the determined Ito reigned supreme once more in 2015 when he finished at 15. 71 seconds at the Komazawa Olympic Park. Ito has been nicknamed monkey man and also spent many years studying the movement of animals.

The man with the longest beard in the world is Surrey resident Sarwan Singh, with a beard measuring over eight feet long. The measurement was done in 2011, and it was discovered that Singh's beard had grown two inches since he made history two years prior in 2008. Singh is proud of his achievement and has grown his beard naturally.

Tigger is a bloodhound from Illinois, USA, that made world records in 2004 when his ears were measured as the longest on a dog. The left ear is 13. 5 inches and the right is 13.75 inches. Tigger was already famous though, having participated in and won many competitions and Best of Breed awards.

Victor Gomez is one of the very few people suffering from a rare condition known as Hypertrichosis or ‘werewolf syndrome.' Though Gomez and his family carry the trait, the men are hairier than the women, with a thicker coat of hair all over their body except for their hands and feet. The Gomez family has assisted scientists with their research into this rare genetic disorder.

In 2003, six-foot-tall Pankratova made history thanks to her long legs that are almost 4 feet 4 inches long. Her impressive height and elongated legs have served her well in sports, where she has been a successful basketball player. At the time of her world record, Pankratova served as a coach for a female basketball team at the George Mason High School in Virginia.

Goodman became famous in 2007 for a rather unusual talent- the ability to pop her eyeballs to a projection of 12 millimeters. Kim developed her eye-popping talent as the result of a brief accident, where she was hit with a hockey mask and has been able to bulge her eyes on cue. Proptosis is the scientific term for bulging eyes.

The harlequin Great Dane called Gibson once held the world's record as the tallest living dog. Gibson stood at 42.2 inches (107 cm) at the time of his record in 2004. Gibson was featured on shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and enjoyed his fame up until his death in 2008.

Isobel Varley should be a household name for every tattoo lover, as she was named the most tattooed female senior citizen. She had her first tattoo of a small bird done when she was just 49 years old, but quickly developed a love for the body art and had 200 designs done in ten years. In 2015, she died at 77 years old from Alzheimer's disease, but is regarded as an iconic figure in the body art movement.

Imagine being able to stuff hundreds of straws in your mouth and make history at the same time. This is the case of British national Simon Elmore, who stuffed 400 straws in his mouth at a show in Germany. He is succeeded by Manoj Kumar Maharana of India, who was able to stuff 459.

What started off as a personal challenge soon turned into a history-making move, when Lee Redmond's nails grew to an amazing length of 8.65 meters after nearly 30 years of growth. Her right thumb had the longest nail which measured at 90 cm. Redmond held this title up until 2009-one year after being honored- when she lost her nails in a vehicular accident.

The largest collection of rubber ducks is owned is by a professor named Charlotte Lee. She has been collecting these rubber toys since 1996 and owned 5,631 ducks as of April 2011. They all have different shapes sizes and even smells, and at the time were all kept in the basement of her home.

Sarwan Singh may have the longest beard we have seen, but Ram Chauhan sets a whole new record with his 14-foot-long mustache. The Indian national began his growth journey in 1982, and he has never cut it off, only groomed the edges. Chauhan is proud of his mustache, which he views as a sign of masculinity; he has a steady routine to maintain its cleanliness.

Gorske is a United States citizen and a die-hard Big Mac fan, who consumes 14 of them weekly. He had a brief hiatus in 2000 when he did not have any for eight days. However, as of August 2016, he has eaten over 28,000 Big Macs and considers it to be the best meal in the world.

Exotic-looking Elaine Davidson has received over 10,000 piercings as of 2017. The body art enthusiast also has tattoos and uses colorful makeup and adornments to enhance her look. Professionally, Elaine works in the creative field as a tattoo artist.

Soon after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer, 60-year-old Bernie took up an unlikely hobby- stripping for women. It first started as a means to stay in shape but soon became a fun activity. Bernie won 42 striptease contests throughout his career, in addition to his Guinness World Record. Bernie passed away in 2007 at 66.

Puggy is a canine with the longest tongue in the world, measuring 18.58 centimeters. This white Pekingese's lolling tongue was disliked by his first owners who abandoned him. Puggy is now famous and adopted by the loving members of the Rickert family.

Suthar, a carpenter from India, was born with polydactylism- a condition that produces more than the usual fingers and toes. Suthar has 28 in total and has had to have shoes custom made for his comfort. Sathar was added to the 2016 Guinness World Records.

People collect many different items worldwide, and Ann Atkin is no exception. The record-breaking collector has over 2,000 garden gnomes and pixies- the largest assortment worldwide. The ornaments are kept in a Gnome Reserve designated to them and attracts thousands of visitors yearly. Atkin began her collection in 1978, and her favorite one thus far is Siegfried.

Bertie proved himself to be twice as fast as the average tortoise, with a record-breaking speed of 0.28 meters per second at a race in Durham. This speedy tortoise lives in Durham and is cared for by the owners, Marco and Janine Calzini.

Jianxia is a Chinese national with a left eyelash measuring 4.88 inches- the longest in the world. Jianxia achieved world recognition in 2016 when her long eyelashes were measured, after nearly fifty years of growth. The previous record for the longest eyelash was 8.07 cm long and was held by Gillian Criminisi of Canada.

Guinness World Records 2018 has a stylish addition to add to the books; a high top fade by Benny Harlem. The unique look stands at 20.5 inches and is the tallest seen thus far. Harlem and his family of two believe in appreciating their textured African hair, and Benny's fade serves as a testimony to their values.Fitness is the key to life for Arrington- an 85-year-old bodybuilder. He was named the oldest male in his profession in the 2018 Guinness World Records Book. His passion for bodybuilding began when he was thirteen years old and continues to this day, in spite of his age.

Fitness is the key to life for Arrington- an 85-year-old bodybuilder. He was named the oldest male in his profession in the 2018 Guinness World Records Book. His passion for bodybuilding began when he was thirteen years old and continues to this day, in spite of his age.

This silver-haired cat has a long fluffy tail of 44.66 cm meters- the longest measured on a pet cat. Cygnus' owners are used to the spotlight, as his brother Arcturus has also been recognized as the tallest cat in the world. The two pets live with their owners, Lauren and Will Powers.

Kaur's six-inch-long beard has gained her negative attention in the form of bullying but has also made her famous. She was adopted into the Guinness World Records for her unique facial hair, which is caused by a hormonal imbalance known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Kaur is also a model and advocate for self-empowerment and body positivity.

Amge is only 2 feet 6 inches tall and has been known as the shortest woman alive since 2011. She suffers from a type of dwarfism known as achondroplasia and also has a unique weight of 11 pounds. This petite 24-year-old lady is only 6.2 cm shorter than the previous title holder, Bridgette Jordan.

Minnoch was a man who suffered from obesity since his early childhood years, due to generalized edema. In 1963 he weighed 392 pounds, but by 1966 he weighed 700 pounds. After a long stay at the hospital, he weighed 476 lbs but put on 200 pounds when he was discharged a week later. Minnoch succumbed to his incurable illness in 1983, weighing 798 pounds. His record has since then been demolished.

In 1956, ten-year-old Savant became a child prodigy when she scored high on the Standford-Binet and the Mega test intelligence tests. Her capabilities were determined to be that of a 23-year-old, and she quickly rose to fame for her intelligence. However, Savant rejected the test results and became a writer.

Chad blew a huge bubblegum into the air at a high school in Alabama, that was 20 inches in diameter. He held it in the air for a full five minutes and set the record in 2004 for the largest bubble blown. Chad offered some hints to others, stating that the bubble expanded in warmer temperatures.

Chad blew a huge bubblegum into the air at a high school in Alabama, that was 20 inches in diameter. He held it in the air for a full five minutes and set the record in 2004 for the largest bubble blown. Chad offered some hints to others, stating that the bubble expanded in warmer temperatures.

As of October 2014, these twins are the oldest living conjoined twins in the world and history. The Galyon brothers also celebrated their 63rd birthday that year, living longer than the Giacomo and Giovanni Tocci twins that once held this title. The Galyons face each other, are joined at waist and share vital organs such as the lower digestive tract. They did suffer ill health in 2010 when Ronnie became ill, but their condition improved after help from family and well-wishers.

Magar is a Nepalese teenager who holds the title of the shortest man alive at the height of 2 feet 2.41 inches. He was born on October 14th, 1992 and weighs only 11 pounds. He is slightly shorter than Edward Hernandez, who held the title before him.

Veruschka is a conservative woman who is also known as "Queen of Swords." She has the amazing ability to swallow 14, 70 cm swords without injuring herself. Natasha is a multiple Guinness World Record Holder who thoroughly enjoys demonstrating her talents to hundreds of people worldwide.

Cristerna is a Mexican national with the most body modifications on a woman, including horns on her head and alterations made to her teeth to give the appearance of fangs. She has had as many as 49 modifications, numerous tattoos, and piercings that have earned her the nickname of 'Vampire Woman.' The mother of four is also a domestic violence survivor.

Siefker achieved international fame when she shot an arrow 6.09 meters into a target only 5.5 inches in diameter. In June 2013, "Guinness World Records Unleashed" announced that it was the farthest arrow shot using the feet.

Many people have unconventional talents, some of which have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Stanton is a performer who made his mark when he passed a 3.63-meter coil into his nose and out of his mouth. He performed this act in Italy in 2012 on the set of 'Lo Show Dei Record.'

Hille participated in the Imperial partial beard category of the World Beard and Moustache Championships from 1999-2011. He won eight of these championships, which is the most wins at such a competition. He has participated in these championships worldwide, but his most recent win was in 2011, in Norway.

Perhaps one of the most cringe-worthy acts one could witness was performed by Blackthorne in Mexico, in 2008. It was on the set of Guinness World Records that he lifted a 12.5kg weight through a hook in his tongue. He also attempted it four years prior, in 2004.

Lindberg has been a performer since her teenage years and is no stranger to the stage. However, in 2014, when she crushed ten apples with a bicep she made a world record on that day. The incredible act took place at a show in Italy.

This adorable canine is famous for his speedy little paws. He holds the title of ‘fastest 5 meters on front paws by a dog' for his ability to do so in 7.76 seconds. He also holds the record as 'Fastest time to complete 10 m on hind legs by a dog'. However, another canine named Konjo broke his record with her front paws, with her ability to run at 2.39 seconds in comparison to Jiff's 7.76.

Zahradka, a magician from Czech, was buried in a coffin for 10 days in 2014, in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record. He did so without food or water and lost approximately 19.84 pounds during that time. However, he was not inducted into the famous record book, which does not encourage people to attempt the daring act and does not keep such records.

Hernandez is a young Venezuelan man known for his large feet that measure 16 inches each and occupy shoes size 26(US). Jeison realized his feet were unusual when he was about nine years old and since then health care professionals have discovered that their unusual size is due to an overactive pituitary. Hernandez has shoes custom made by a German shoemaker.

On average, a human mouth has 32 teeth. However, Vikay Kumar set the record for the most teeth in a mouth thanks to the 37 that he has in his. This is five more than the average human and one more than the previous record holder, Chassidar Danabalan, who has 36. Kumar however, is proud of his unusual number.

Calment was a French woman who was the longest living human up until her death in 1997 at 122 years, 164 days. She lived much longer than other family members such as her daughter and her grandson and was in good health most of her life. In fact, even after the deaths of her family, she lived on her own and only moved into a nursing home when she was 110. She was able to walk unaided until she was 114 years of age.

Nick's tongue is 3.97 inches in length- the longest in the world. It has held the title since 2012, when it was carefully measured for its length. Nick is not the first to hold such a record, as Briton Alvi once held the title from 2001-2002 due to his 2.24 inch-long tongue.

Head and Shoulders made a huge investment when they insured the hair of pro footballer, Troy Polamalu. The million-dollar insurance was made on August 30th, 2010, years after Polamalu served as the spokesperson for the shampoo company, and he has not cut his luscious locks since 2000

Jordan Romero and his family trekked up to Mount Everest in 2010 with the help of three Sherpa guides. At 13 years of age, he became the youngest person to do so and also ventured up Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa when he was only 10. Climbing Mount Everest was just part of the journey for this adventurous young man, who wishes to climb the highest peaks in all continents.

At 3.5 inches, Mehmet Ozyurek of Turkey has the longest nose in the world; it was measured in 2010. Ozyurek isn't the only human to known for such attributes. An Englishman named Thomas Wedders had the longest nose in recorded history, which measured 7.5 inches ( 19 cm) long.

Lucky is another body art enthusiast who has the title of the world's most tattooed person. He has tattoos in every imaginable place including inside his ears, mouth and eyelids. His fascination with tattoos began at an early age, and he soon began transforming his body into a work of art. The late Tom Leppard previously held this title, as 99.9% of his body was covered.

Ashrita Furman of Brooklyn, New York, is the man with the most Guinness World Records Ever. Since 1979, he has set out to create history and has set over 600 records and currently holds over 200. His records cover various areas such as ‘most fire torches lit and extinguished in one minute' and ‘fastest mile on a pogo stick.' Furman's deep spirituality helped him to develop the confidence he needed to become his best self and the most famous record breaker.

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Some of the most fascinating records deal with body parts, and some of them include the "longest nose on a living person," which is held by a man who lives in Turkey. Another record, “ youngest female with a beard” is held by a twenty-four-year-old from the United Kingdom. Other random titles also exist, such as “most telephone directories torn in one minute” and “the wealthiest cat in the world.”

The book, which has sold over 130 million copies, documents all of the records and comes out every year with updates on the people and also tells readers if the records have been broken.

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