Quiz: If We Show You a Photo of a Guinness World Record Holder, Can You Guess What Record They Broke?
If We Show You a Photo of a Guinness World Record Holder, Can You Guess What Record They Broke?
By: Kennita Leon

About This Quiz

"The Guinness World Book of Records is a compilation of the records achieved by people all over the world. The records come from different categories and cover a wide range of topics including everything from sporting events to the people who have had the most children, to the people who have the most body modifications and the people who can blow the most balloons in a minute.

Some of the most fascinating records deal with body parts, and some of them include the "longest nose on a living person," which is held by a man who lives in Turkey. Another record, “ youngest female with a beard” is held by a twenty-four-year-old from the United Kingdom. Other random titles also exist, such as “most telephone directories torn in one minute” and “the wealthiest cat in the world.”

The book, which has sold over 130 million copies, documents all of the records and comes out every year with updates on the people and also tells readers if the records have been broken.

If you were given an image of some of the record holders, would you be able to identify them? Well, this quiz was designed to test just that. Take it to see how many of these popular record holders you are able to identify!

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