Quiz: If We Show You a Piece of Farm Equipment, Can You Tell Us What It Does?
If We Show You a Piece of Farm Equipment, Can You Tell Us What It Does?
By: Jody Mabry
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Have you always dreamed of reducing your carbon footprint by redefining your career goals and hitting the farmlands? You'd love the feel of an open-air office. Do you want to sow the ground and feel the personal fulfillment of growing your own crops? Or, do you prefer to raise your own animals, free of hormones, steroids and anything else the meat picks up from the farm to your store shelf?

Whatever your endeavors, one of your first steps should be identifying what farm tools actually do. For example, do you know that a rake and pitchfork have different jobs? Do you know what a plow's or cultivator's job is? Can you figure out all the tasks a combine can complete? You may know what a tractor is, but would you be able to identify what it's primary task is? 

You've seen this equipment before, and you may even have been lucky to operate some of it. But, do you think you'd be able to figure out what all this farm stuff does from its image? This quiz may be harder than you think, or is it?

Dig your boots into the ground, throw on your safety gloves and take this quiz for a trip around the farm. Your own sustainable farm!

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