Quiz: Can you prove your knowledge of Ohio State Rivalries, Superstars, and Traditions? Show your stuff with this Ohio State Quiz!
Can you prove your knowledge of Ohio State Rivalries, Superstars, and Traditions? Show your stuff with this Ohio State Quiz!
By: Becky
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The extensive Ohio State football team lore comes with iconic rivalries, hall-of-fame players, and long-standing traditions. How well do you know OSU football?

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The Ohio State football team are known as the _________.
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The Buckeyes play in what division?
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Who is the mascot of the Ohio State Buckeyes?
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If an Ohio State fan says "O-H," you should respond with _______.
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How many undefeated seasons can the Buckeyes claim?
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Which NFL player did NOT play college ball at Ohio State?
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How many perfect seasons can the Buckeyes claim?
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Who coached the Buckeyes to their first National Championship?
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What Buckeye tradition takes place around a meal?
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In what year did the Buckeyes win their first National Championship?
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Which iconic Ohio State coach led the Buckeyes with a record of 205–61–10?
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Which Ohio State head coach led the team to a Fiesta Bowl win?
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What team is considered Ohio State's biggest rival?
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The Michigan State-Ohio State rivalry is known as what?
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Which of the following teams is NOT considered an Ohio State rival?
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The Ohio State-Michigan State rivalry began in what year?
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What is given to Ohio State players each time they beat the Wolverines?
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What organization is the official cheering section for the Ohio State Buckeyes?
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What resonating tradition takes place after each Ohio State victory?
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What Ohio State running back is the only two-time Heisman Trophy winner ever?
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What scandal saw five players suspended in 2011?
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What song is played by the OSU marching band before the start of every fourth quarter?
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How many Big Ten championships has Ohio State won?
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Ohio State is tied with what school for the honor of the most Heisman Trophy winners?
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Which former Buckeye holds the record for most career rushing attempts?
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Which OSU running back rushed for a record 1,927 yards in his senior year?
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Which quarterback threw the notorious interception at the 1978 Gator Bowl game?
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Who still holds the pass reception record for Ohio State?
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What OSU kicker holds the record for the longest kickoff return?
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What OSU player holds the record for the longest punt return?
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Which OSU kicker holds the record for the longest field goal?
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How many former OSU players and coaches have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
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How many Buckeyes have made it into the NFL draft?
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