Quiz: We'll Describe a Player Position, You Tell Us Which Sport It's In
We'll Describe a Player Position, You Tell Us Which Sport It's In
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: pexels

About This Quiz

Every team that takes the court, or field, or ice, or whatever else the arena is called has player positions that must be filled for the team to have success in their respective sport. Do you have a range of knowledge on team sports? Do you know all the player positions for various team sports? Could you pass a quiz where we describe a player position and you tell us which sport it belongs to? Here's your chance to find out! 

In sports, no game can be played until the players are geared up and ready to go, taking their spots, wherever that might be. In team sports, that requires every position to be filled with the best possible players at each position, the ones who fit those roles defined by years of experimentation. After all, there's a reason some guys need to be athletic, while some guys need to be smart. There's a reason some guys have to be tall, and other guys can be shorter. Every position has its own requirements. 

How well do you really know the requirements for those positions? Why not take this quiz and discover that for yourself? That's if you're up for the challenge, of course! 

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