Quiz: We’ll Give You 3 Cities; You Tell Us the Country
We’ll Give You 3 Cities; You Tell Us the Country
By: J. Reinoehl
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Most people get to know a country by visiting its big cities. With this quiz, we will give you three of the most important and happening cities, and you can take a very wild or educated guess as to where these vibrant cities are located in the world. Ready for the virtual trip?

In this sparsely worded but world-filled quiz, you can create a mental picture of the dynamic cities that we cite here. Ever been to different parts of Asia? We're naming some popular capitals of South Asian and Southeast Asian countries. Some of these cities are staples of travel guides while some cities are best explored off the beaten path, so to speak. Have you ever used your gut instinct as a compass? It works in Asia, we promise! You'd be surprised how friendly and accommodating these cities are -- and they speak good English to boot! 

How about heading down to South America? Brush up on your Spanish, for we also name quite a few cities in Central America as well. And to have that balanced north-south feel, we also head up to North America and cite some cities worth visiting. Hey, if you're based in the USA, they're just our neighbors, so might as well say Hi! or maybe Eh! That's a clue there, y'all!

Of course, we won't forget the other continents that have old world charm and the newer emerging markets and destinations. Europe is still a favorite, and the intriguing attractions of the Middle Eastern countries are also part of our itinerary.

So what d'ya say? C'mon let's hop on our virtual plane and take a tour of the world with this quiz! Fly away!

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