We'll Give You 3 Clues, You Name The Country


London, Big Ben and fish & chips

London, Big Ben and fish & chips are all associated with Britain. Don't forget the Queen!

Onion soup, kissing and smoking.

Most countries have onion soup, kissing and smoking. But, is there any other country that does French kissing quite the same way?

Beer, Berlin and lederhosen

Germany is the land of beer, Berlin and lederhosen. It's also the land of pretzels and schnitzel!

The outback, the Opera House and Nicole Kidman

Australia is the land of the famous Sydney Opera House, the outback and Nicole Kidman. There are also lots of kangaroo there.

Apple pie, baseball and jazz

Of course, the US is the land of apple pie, baseball and jazz. It's also the origin of musical theater!

Maple syrup, hockey and "eh"

Naturally, Canada is the land of maple syrup, hockey and the word "eh." The famous capital of Canada is Ottawa.

The Holy Land, Jews, and blue & white

Israel is the Holy Land, and the traditional homeland of the Jewish faith. Their famous colors are blue and white.

The Ottoman Empire, Ankara and Hagia Sophia

The Turkish culture is rich in history. Their iconic symbols are the Ottoman Empire, Ankara and Hagia Sophia.

Da Vinci, pasta and canals

There's nothing more Italian than Da Vinci, pasta and the canals. Italy's most famous cities include Rome, Florence and Venice.

Vodka, the Kremlin and Tzars

Russia is famous for vodka, the Kremlin and its history of Tzars. Today, let's be honest, Russia is famous for Putin.

IKEA, Stockholm and bridges

Sweden is famous for IKEA and its many bridges. The capital of the country is Stockholm.

Gaudi, tapas and bulls

Spain is famous for its Gaudi buildings, tapas and bull fighting. It's also famous for Flamenco!

Curry, Bollywood and Slumdog Millionaire

India is naturally associated with curry, Bollywood and the movie "Slum Dog Millionaire." India is also associated with Hinduism.

The Alps, chocolate and banks

The Swiss Alps are famous for their beauty. The chocolate in Switzerland is also iconic. The banks are where you hide money.

Bikinis, Iguaçu Falls and Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is famous for bikinis, Iguaçu Falls and Rio de Janeiro. It's a great place to go get plastic surgery.

Tulip fields, windmills and marijuana

The Netherlands are famous for their tulip fields, windmills and marijuana. OK, the marijuana is mostly in Amsterdam.

Fjords, Vikings and Oslo

Norway is famous for being the home of the fjords, Vikings and Oslo. Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers and coastal landscapes.

The Wall, the Forbidden City and orange chicken

The Great Wall, the Forbidden City and orange chicken are associated with China. OK, orange chicken is American Chinese food.

Sushi, Geisha and anime

Sushi, geishas and anime are just about as Japanese as you can get. Tokyo is the most populous city in the world.

Tequila, Catholicism and soap operas

What could be amiss when you have tequila, Catholicism and soap operas? There's no place more lively than Mexico.

Rugby, Maori and landscape

What could be more New Zealand than rugby, the Maori and beautiful landscapes? Sometimes it's good to be a Kiwi.

Casinos, Grace Kelly and the French Riviera

Monaco is a tiny independent city-state on France’s Mediterranean coastline. It's known for casinos and the Grand Prix motor race.

Apartheid, diamonds and Cape Town

South Africa is famous for Apartheid, amazing diamonds and the city of Cape Town. There are also some pretty spectacular vineyards.

Vienna, Mozart and the Danube River

Austria is so rich in history, it's unfathomable. It's most famous for Vienna, Mozart and the Danube River.

Pyramids, Cleopatra and falafel

Where else could you find the pyramids, Cleopatra and falafel? Egypt is a world treasure.

Icy lakes, wild reindeer and bright Northern Lights.

Finland is famous for its icy lakes, wild reindeer and bright Northern Lights. Finland residents also love to eat sautéed reindeer.

Athens, feta and Aristotle

What could be more Greek than Athens, feta and Aristotle? The Greeks were pretty much the beginning of civilization.

"The Land of the Two Holy Mosques," oil and veils.

Saudi Arabia is known as "the Land of the Two Holy Mosques." There are also a lot of veils, oil and money.

Biryani, Persian Gulf and Abu Dhabi

Biryani, Persian Gulf and Abu Dhabi are pure United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the site of ultramodern Burj Khalifa tower.

Santa Claus, ice, and nothing else

The North Pole is not a country but a geographic location. However, it was seriously worth mentioning.

Guinness, green and potatoes

What could be more Irish than Guinness, green and potatoes? In America, we see Ireland through the eyes of John Ford.

Kim Jong-un, kimchi and bombs

OK, today North Korea is associated with Kim Jong-un, kimchi and bombs. (There was nothing political intended in this statement)

Kiev, the Black Sea and borscht

The Ukraine is associated with Kiev, the Black Sea and its national dish, borscht. The Ukraine is also known for its Orthodox churches.

Bangkok, temples and elephants

Thailand is known for Bangkok, temples and elephants. It is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world.

The Sistine Chapel, the Pope and 109 acres

So, Vatican City is basically a small country. But it's one of the richest ones in the world in terms of history.

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