Quiz: We'll Give You 3 College Basketball Players, You Tell Us the School
We'll Give You 3 College Basketball Players, You Tell Us the School
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

You know the names, from Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabaar to Carmello Anthony and Chris Webber, but do you remember which college basketball team they played for? Or, do you know which players went directly from high school to the NBA? 

College basketball in many respects is more popular than the NBA - ahem, have you filled out your March Madness brackets yet? But as players make their way through NBA greatness - and some not so great, how long is it before you forget where the players came from? Were they a member of Michigan's Fab Five? Or, is your favorite player one of the 58 NBA players to have come from Duke? And yes, you just read that correctly - 58!

But, what fun is a quiz of just names? You'll also have a shot to answer a few NBA questions about the history of the game. For example, do you know how many teams have had an undefeated season and then gone on to win the National Championship? Or, do you know how many players have won the National College Player of the Year and the NBA's Most Valuable Player awards? 

Are you ready to take a jumper? Do you think you can nail the three as the clock expires? This is the quiz for NBA fans who love to go back to the roots. Take this quiz to see if you have the stuff NBA teams look for!

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