Quiz: We'll Give You 3 Colleges, You Tell Us Which State They're In
We'll Give You 3 Colleges, You Tell Us Which State They're In
By: Abi Luftig
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We are... PENN STATE. We are... PENN STATE. Rather than continue this popular college chant, if we were to ask you where Penn State is, you'd obviously answer with Pennsylvania! While this is an easy one, not all colleges and universities are the same! With over 5,300 places of higher education in the United States, can you give us the state based on three colleges? Let's find out! 

When you hear schools like the University of Maryland or the University of Alabama, it's clear that those schools are located in Maryland and Alabama, respectively. Even if you don't know that the C in UCLA stands for California, the LA (Los Angeles) would probably be your indicator. While some colleges and universities come with easy names like this, others are ready to trip you up.

With a name like the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you might hesitate on whether it's located in Indiana or Pennsylvania. You might even get tripped up with the California University of Pennsylvania, but it gets harder than that! 

A school like Boston University might be easy to decipher, but what if we asked you where Duke University was? USC might be a piece of cake, but what about the Division 1 school, Auburn University?

In this quiz, we're traveling all around the United States to their colleges and universities. When given three colleges, can you figure out the state?

Will you be given a degree once you're done or will you have to drop this quiz? Let's find out!

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