We'll Give You 3 Historical Events, You Give Us the Decade


Teddy Roosevelt became president, Queen Victoria died, first Nobel Prizes.

Would you believe that all these events happened in 1901? What a year!

First Pulitzer Prizes awarded, Mata Hari executed for being a spy, Russian Revolution.

That was 1917 in a nutshell. The 1910s saw so much change around the world.

D-Day, ballpoint pen patented, microwave invented.

The 1940s saw some incredible inventions. The decade also saw the carnage of WWII.

Vietnam War protests, Che Guevara executed, Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated.

The '60s were a time for Vietnam War protests, civil rights and general uprising. There was also some pretty great music to go with it.

Obama elected, Miracle on the Hudson, Hurricane Katrina.

The 2000s were a time of terror and new beginnings. It seems like the hurricanes have just kept coming since then.

Berlin wall fell, Tiananmen​ Square, George H. W. Bush inaugurated.

The very end of the 1980s were busy, indeed! So much was happening right before we entered into the 1990s.

Boston Marathon bombing, Ferguson protests, death of Nelson Mandela.

These recent events in our history show that history never stops! It's like something explosive happens every day.

Boxer Revolution, Kodak Brownie camera introduced, Quantum Theory discovered.

The very start of the 1900s saw the first $1 camera and the formulation of quantum theory by Max Planck.

Olympics in St. Louis, the Wright Brothers' first flight, first World Series.

Again, we see how the very start of the century was packed with firsts. The 1904 Olympics marked the first time the games were held in the U.S.

Roe v. Wade, America's first space station, last troops pulled from Vietnam.

All of these remarkable events took place in 1973. It was also the year the Sears Tower was completed in Chicago.

Patty Hearst abduction​, Watergate, Ted Bundy began killing.

This all took place in 1974. It was like the whole world was going berserk, and it would only get crazier.

Diana was married, MTV first broadcast, first personal computer.

1981 is one of the most important years in history. All these things took place. (And the author of this quiz was born).

CNN first broadcast, Pac-Man released, Mount St. Helens erupted.

The beginning of the '80s had a lot of goods and a lot of bads. John Lennon was killed in 1980.

Germany reunited, Nelson Mandela was freed, Hubble telescope launched.

All these events took place at the very beginning of the '90s. Lech Walesa also became the president of Poland.

9/11, Down with Saddam, Facebook founded.

All these events took place towards the beginning of the 2000s. That's after we all survived Y2K.

Dow hit 2,000, Klaus Barbie convicted, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" debuted.

These events marked the 1980s. It was a time where Ronald Reagan first traveled to Berlin to urge them to bring the wall down.

Bill Clinton inaugurated, end of the Cold War, death of Princess Diana.

The '90s were a time of prosperity, scandal and tragedy. But for the most part, it was a peaceful decade.

The Millennium, iPod debut, Indian Ocean tsunami.

The invention of the iPod got the millennium off to a good start. But the tsunami was a tragedy that killed more than 200,000 people.

Armenian genocide, "The Birth of a Nation" debuted, the Dardanelles Campaign.

Would you believe that all these events took place in 1915? It was also the year Germans first used poison gas as a weapon.

Czar Nicholas II killed, Hitler joined the Nazi party, Treaty of Versailles signed.

These events took place at the end of the 1910s. Although WWI ended in 1918, trouble was brewing on the horizon.

Flappers, Prohibition in effect, 19th Amendment ratified.

The Roaring '20s truly saw the liberation of women in many respects. But the Great Depression was soon to come.

Lindbergh's baby kidnapped, Amelia Earhart solo Atlantic flight, atom split.

Amelia became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932. That was also the year Charles Lindbergh's baby was kidnapped.

Al Capone imprisoned, Empire State Building completed, National Anthem made official.

1931 was the beginning of a tumultuous decade, and Al Capone went to prison. Also, the Christ the Redeemer statue was dedicated in Rio de Janeiro.

Castro became dictator, Kitchen Debate, "Sound of Music" on Broadway.

It was at the very end of the 1950s that all these remarkable events took place. Also, the quiz show scandals were revealed in 1959.

JFK assassination, Civil Rights Act, Woodstock

The '60s started off normal enough, but things got turned upside down. Lyndon B. Johnson became our unexpected president.

New York subway began, Trans-Siberian Railway, Panama Canal broke ground.

The 1900s were clearly a great decade for transportation. In 1904 alone, all of these groundbreaking innovations took place.

Entry into WWI, Spanish Flu, Daylight​ Saving Time adopted.

Towards the end of the 1910s, Daylight Savings Time was first adopted! U.S. entry into WWI took place in 1917.

League of Nations established, Harlem Renaissance, bubonic plague in India.

Toward the very beginning of the 1920s, the League of Nations was established. Bubonic plague hit India.

Dadaism, Easter Rising, Battle of Somme.

1916 was a busy year, indeed. This year also saw the first use of tanks in warfare.

The New Deal, Hitler became Chancellor, Prohibition ended.

1933 saw some remarkable changes, but threats were on the horizon. This was the year the Loch Ness monster was first spotted.

First modern credit card, Korean War, McCarthy witch hunt

The 1950s were an interesting time of prosperity, coming out of WWII. The Peanuts cartoon strip first appeared!

Elizabeth II became queen, seat belts invented, Polio vaccine announced.

Again, the beginning of the 1950s were a peaceful, eventful time. In 1952 Princess Elizabeth II became Queen of England.

Oreo cookies debuted, Titanic sank, Grand Central Terminal opened.

The Oreo cookie rose and the Titanic sank in the same year. It was 1912. Parachutes were also invented.

Irish free state, Mussolini marched on Rome, King Tut discovered

Ireland was free, and Mussolini was on the rise. But the '20s also saw the discovery of King Tut's tomb!

Boy Scouts established, Halley's comet approached, Chinese Revolution.

At the very start of the 1910s, the Boy Scouts were established. Halley's comet made an appearance in the same year - 1910.

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