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Given the reputations and history of these famous cities, it’s easy to think that Detroit and Tokyo are the focal points of car manufacturing in the world. However, Europe actually has a very long history in the building of automobiles. Do you think you can match the cars to their makers?

Some European cars are downright legendary. For instance, if we threw out the name “DB5,” would you know the manufacturer? How about if we added a clue … like “James Bond”? Any car aficionado would immediately know we’re referring to the iconic Aston Martin DB5 that appeared in “Goldfinger.”

A few car names are so unique that they’re tough to mistake for anything else. Shout out “250 GT SWB California Spider,” and you know you’re dealing with a European sports car. But is it a Porsche, Lamborghini or some other famous brand from the Old World?

Not all “European” cars are necessarily European in origin. The car business is a global trade that finds companies from all over sticking their gear shifts in places where they haven’t traditionally belonged. So, let’s fuel up with petrol and hop into the lorry and see if you really know your wheels. We’ll give you three European cars – but it it’s up to you to figure out the maker!

Golf, Scirocco, Jetta

German carmaker Volkswagen makes some of the most common cars in Europe. And the Golf, for example, is one of the best-selling cars in the entire world.


Astra, Zafira, Combo Tour

With its distinctive lightning bolt emblem, Opel is a very recognizable European brand. It's a German manufacturer that makes passenger and light commercial vehicles.


Octavia, Kodiaq, Superb

Skoda is a Czech automobile manufacturer that's been around since the late 1890s. It makes a handful of popular models, such as the Octavia and Karoq, among others.


Fiesta, Focus, Kuga

Ford has very old ties to Germany, and many cars are made by Ford-Werke GmbH. As in the U.S., models like the Fiesta are incredibly popular.


E-Class, GLK-Class, SLS

If it has "Class" in the name, you can bet it’s a Mercedes-Benz model. This Germany manufacturer is renowned for making incredibly comfortable and safe cars.


208, 5008, 108

France is known as the home of Peugot, which makes cars like the 108 and 208. The company is often highlighted as making cars that create less pollution than many of its competitors.


Vitara, Equator, Reno

It has Japanese origins, but like Ford, Suzuki is very much a global company that makes and sells cars all over the place. Its Vitara is also known as Sidekick, Grand Vitara or Escudo.


Qashqai, Micra, X-Trail

You can't go anywhere in Europe (or anywhere else, for that matter) without bumping into a Nissan. The Qashqai is a popular crossover SUV that goes by the name of Rogue Sport in America.


Corsa, Viva, GTC

Vauxhall/Opel makes a series of small cars, like the Viva, which is perfect for zipping around congested city streets. The cars are cheap compared to many other popular brands.


Clio, Zoe, Scenic

French vehicle manufacturer Renault has been around since 1899, and now makes mostly an array of small cars and vans. The Clio, for example, has been built since 1990 and has almost always gotten rave reviews from critics.


Tiguan, Polo, Atlas

It's hard to mention European car makers without mentioning VW at least twice. With cars like the Tiguan, VW is simply a giant among boys on the continent.


Tucson, Elantra, Kona

Hyundai is a South Korea company that sells a lot of its cars in Europe and around the world. The Kona is a bitty SUV that will eventually come in an electric version.


3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series

You probably wondered if we'd ever get to BMW. Well, here you go. The 3 Series is the least expensive Beemer available in most markets, and by "least expensive," we mean you may only need two loans to buy one.


XC60, V90, XC90

Any idea where Volvo is from? If you guessed Austria, you're wrong. It's actually Sweden, and the company is one of the few making a long-term commitment to electric cars in coming years.


Panda, 500, 124 Spider

"Fiat" stands for "Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino," so you can probably guess that it's an Italian company. The brand's very first car emerged in 1899 and it had a 4-horsepower engine.


S1, Q2, Quattro

Audi is another luxurious German auto brand, one with a history that goes back more than 100 years. The fun little S1 has a 228 hp engine that zooms to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds.


Ibiza, Alhambra Mk3, Toledo Mk4

Seat is a Spanish company that's sold millions of cars, like the supermini Ibiza. The little Ibiza has been around since 1984 and is currently in its fifth generation.


Sandero, Logan, Dokker

Did you know that Romania builds cars? It does, thanks to companies like Dacia, which operates one of the busiest manufacturing plants in all of Europe in an effort to make vehicles like the Dokker and Sandero.


Phantom, Wraith, Ghost

Rolls-Royce, of course, hardly needs an introduction. And if you aren't familiar with the company's cars, don't bother, you can't afford them, anyway.


911, 944, 918

If you like sardine cans mounted to turbo engines, we have great sales going on down at the Porsche dealership. This German company makes high-performance cars, some of which are small enough that you'll have to fold yourself in half in order to get into the driver's seat.


DS 5, C-Elysee, C4 Aircross

Did you know that French car maker Citroen built the first mass-produced front-wheel-drive car in history? So the next time you're pulling through slippery slush, you have them to thank.


Veyron, Chiron, EB118

As with Rolls-Royce, you can't afford a Bugatti, one of the world's fanciest car makers. But if you can, be sure to call us up when you're filming your next rap video!


Discovery, Velar, Evoque

Land Rover is another luxury British brand, but these vehicles are meant for adventure travel, not city streets. They often feature a distinctive boxy design that stands out in a crowd … or on the side of a mountain.


Niva, Priora, Kalina

Russians make cars, too, and they sell well in parts of Europe. The Lada Niva (or 4 x 4) is a little off-road vehicle that you can use to traverse roads forgotten after the fall of the USSR.


507, 329, 600

BMW makes cars like the 600 and 507. But that wasn't always the case, the company actually got its start in aircraft engines.


Great Wall Hover, Geely Emgrand, Geely MK

Derways is another Russian company that does a lot of business in Europe. Its "Great Wall" model sounds like a hovercraft, but it's actually a compact SUV.


E-Pace, XE, XJ

Jaguar used to get all sorts of grief for quality-control issues. Nowadays, its luxury cars mostly get rave reviews all over the world.


Omega, Mokka, Super 6

German manufacturer Opel has millions of vehicles to its credit, with popular cars like the Omega and Super 6. Opel was actually a GM company for decades until it was sold off in 2017.


Vanquish, DB11, Rapide

If you like grand tourers and luxury cars, you're already familiar with Aston Martin. The company is famous in large part due to the fact that James Bond films often feature its cars.


Cooper, Elf, Seven

With their remarkable styling and zippy feel, Mini cars are notable in Europe and around the world. The Cooper is one of Mini's most popular models.


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