Quiz: We'll Give You 3 Tools, You Tell Us What We're Fixing on a Car!
We'll Give You 3 Tools, You Tell Us What We're Fixing on a Car!
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you a weekend mechanic, or are you a professional? Either way, we're going to assume that, as often as possible, you use the correct tools to perform repairs and maintenance on your car (and, yes, we are also talking about safety glasses and gloves!). If this is you, then you probably know the names of these tools. So, we've compiled a list of recognizable car repairs and maintenance tasks that you should be able to identify just by the mention of three of the tools you'll need to do them. Are you up to the task? 

Although some tools and repair instructions are specific to the vehicle, many are not. If you haven't given up altogether on fixing your own car, then you likely know which tools to use for which job. And, if your significant other complains about the number of tools you have - after all, a wrench is a wrench, right? - then you have probably had to explain why you need a garage full of the right tools for the job. There are literally thousands of things that might need to be fixed on your car, and there are probably just as many tools to perform these tasks.

Let's get started to find out how much you know about automotive tools and car repairs.

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