Quiz: We'll Give You a God or Goddess Name, You Tell Us Their Pantheon
We'll Give You a God or Goddess Name, You Tell Us Their Pantheon
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: ilbusca/DigitalVision Vectors/gettyimages

About This Quiz

No matter whether or not you are a believer yourself, and even irrespective of which faith you follow, you cannot deny that religion has been immensely important in shaping human history. Some religions are enormously powerful, enjoying hundreds of millions or even more than a billion followers. These can be as old as several millennia, and have typically split into factions that often take serious issue with one another and may be considered (by adherents, if not by scholars or the wider public) to be effectively different religions at this point. Others are now defunct, as the civilizations that gave rise to them have since fallen. Generally speaking, monotheistic religion has been having a very good time of it in the Middle East, South America and Africa, while fading but still hugely significant in North America and Europe and Central Asia. Meanwhile, faiths of polytheistic origin dominate in Asia.

How well do you know the deities of religions both current and past? Does your mind boggle when you hear names like Thor, Bast or Vishnu, or can you rattle off the correct theological framework for them as easily as you would that of Jesus, Allah or Yahweh? Let's find out!

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