We'll Give You the Model of a Police Vehicle, You Give Us the Make

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The model of this police vehicle is a Charger. What's the make?

Dodge Chargers are a popular police car. The vehicle is a four-door sedan that was created in 2005.

This model is a Crown Victoria. What's the make?

Also known as "Crown Vic" the Ford Crown Victoria features a front-engine layout. This vehicle was also created in 1992.

The model of this police vehicle is a Suburban. Can you name the make?

Chevrolet Suburbans are SUV-sized vehicles and feature 5 doors. This SUV is still currently in production, and was initially released in 1935.

Prius is the model. What's the make?

This hybrid vehicle features all-wheel drive and front-engine aspects. The Toyota Prius was also created in 1997.

The model is a Camry. What's the make?

The Toyota Camry was created in 1982 and features front-wheel drive aspects. These cars are also called "Vistas" and "Altis."

The model of this police vehicle is Edge. Name the make.

This 4-door SUV is assembled in Canada and features all-wheel drive components. This vehicle was also created in 2006 in the United States.

Taurus is the model. What is the make?

Created in 1985, the Ford Taurus was a mid-sized car that was inspired by the Crown Victoria. This vehicle is also assembled in the United States.

The model of this car is a Mustang. What is the make?

Created in 1982, the Ford Mustang features 2 doors and both automatic and manual transmissions. This is also considered to be a muscle police car.

The model is Satellite. Name the make.

This old-school vehicle was created in 1964 and ended production in 1974. The Plymouth Satellite also features a front-engine layout.

The model is Ambassador. What's the make?

The AMC Ambassador is a station wagon that was created in 1957. It was created in Kenosha, Wisconsin until 1974.

The model is Lumina. Can you name the make?

Created between 1989 and 2001, the Chevrolet Lumina features a W-body and front-wheel drive. This vehicle is also similar to the Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

This police vehicle features an S70 model. What is the make?

Created between 1996 and 2000, the Volvo S70 features a 4-door saloon body style. This vehicle also featured both manual and automatic transmission options.

4Runner is the model, what's the make?

Used primarily near beaches, the Toyota 4Runner features a front-engine layout. This was also created in 1983.

The model is Altima. What is the make?

Created in 1992, the Nissan Altima features 6 generations of coupes and sedans. This vehicle is currently assembled in Mississippi.

The model is Econoline. What is the make?

Also known as the Ford E Series, the Econoline is utilized for SWAT teams and bomb squads. Prisoners are also sometimes transported in this vehicle.

Monterey is the model, what is the make?

The Mercury Monterey was created in 1952 and lasted until 1974. It was assembled in places like Pico Rivera, California and Maywood, California.

The model of this car is Fairmont. What's the make?

This compact vehicle was introduced in 1978. The Ford Fairmont also features a front-engine layout and both 2-door and 4-door options.

The model is Valiant, what is the make?

The Plymouth Valiant was a popular police vehicle in Sweden. It was also in production from 1960 to 1976.

This model is a Monaco. Can you guess the make?

Produced from 1964 to 1992, the Dodge Monaco featured a front-engine layout and both automatic and manual transmission options. These also featured a C-body platform.

The model of this car is a Sebring. What's the make?

The Chrysler Sebring is a mid-sized vehicle that features several generations of sedans and coupes. The coupes were also manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors.

The model is a Malibu. Go ahead and guess the make.

Featuring a front-engine layout, the Chevrolet Malibu is still currently produced. Nine generations have since been manufactured.

The name of this model is a Century. What is the make?

Buick Centurys are full-sized cars that feature a B-Body platform. They were manufactured between 1954 and 1958.

The model of this police vehicle is a Tahoe. Name the make.

General Motors manufactured the Chevy Tahoe starting in 1995. This full-sized SUV is still produced today.

The model is a Catalina. What's the make?

This vehicle was manufactured from 1950 to 1981 by General Motors. The Pontiac Catalina also features a GM B platform.

Camaro is the model, what is the make?

The Chevy Camaro was assembled starting in 1966. It has featured three different types of platforms, including an F-body, Alpha and Zeta.

This model is known as a Lark. Name the make.

The Studebaker Lark was popular in the 1960s. This vehicle was also manufactured as a coupe, sedan, station wagon and as a convertible.

Name this make, which features the Grand Prix as the model.

The Pontiac Grand Prix features 7 generations of sedans and coupes. This car was also first introduced in 1962.

The 900 is the model, name the make.

Produced from 1978 to 1998, the SAAB 900 is considered to be a compact executive car. Two generations of this vehicle have since been created.

The model is a Caprice. What's the make?

This full-sized car was manufactured in both the Middle East and North America. It was initially manufactured by General Motors.

The model is Magnum. Guess the make.

This vehicle features rear-wheel drive components, as well as a "sporty" look. The Dodge Magnum has since produced three generations.

Marquis is the model. Identify the make.

Manufactured from 1967 and 1986, the Mercury Marquis featured four generations of sedans and coupes. It was considered to be a luxury vehicle in its time.

Montego is the model. Guess the make.

Primarily manufactured between 1968 and 1976, the Mercury Montego was assembled in Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia and Lorain, Ohio. It was also named after Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The model is LTD, name the make.

Featuring a front-engine layout, the Ford LTD was assembled between 1964 and 1968. It has since featured four generations of vehicles.

This model is called Express. Guess the make.

The Chevrolet Express is mainly used to transport prisoners, due to its size. It's currently assembled in Missouri.

The model of this vehicle is called a Parisienne. What is the make called?

Manufactured by General Motors, this car was in production between 1959 and 1987. It was also assembled in Australia and Canada.

The model is Nova. Name the make.

Produced from 1961 to 1988, the Chevy Nova was considered to be a compact car. It was later re-created as the Chevy Citation and the Chevy Geo Prizm.

Name the make of this vehicle. The model is known as Torino.

This mid-sized car was produced between 1968 and 1976. The Ford Torino is also known as the Ford Fairlane.

Intrepid is the model, what is the make?

The Dodge Intrepid was on the market between 1993 and 2004. It was produced in both Canada and Delaware.

The model is known as the Javelin. Name the make.

The AMC Javelin was manufactured between 1967 and 1974 in several locations. Some of these include Kenosha, Wisconsin, Port Melbourne, Australia and Caracas, Venezuela.

And finally, the model of this car is a Durango. What's the make?

The Dodge Durango is currently produced by FCA US LLC. It's an SUV that is considered to be mid-sized with 4 doors.

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About This Quiz

Police personnel have used many different types of vehicles for bomb squads, SWAT teams and for prisoner transportation. While the make and model depends on the type of police personnel, as well as the city, state and country, police vehicles have been around since cars were first created.  Today's police cars are more like mobile computer platforms, with all manner of electronics on board, but some things never change. If it's a cop car, it needs to have a burly engine, stout tires and a reliable powertrain.

Some vehicles are very well-known, while some are not so obvious. The AMC Javelin, for instance, was a popular police car in the 1970s, while various Plymouth models were notable between the 1950s and the 1980s. More popular police vehicles includes models by Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler. High-end vehicles, such as SAAB's and Mercedes, have been also utilized by police personnel.

So, do you think you can tell the difference between a Dodge Dakota and a Ford Fairmont? Or, how about the difference between a Chrysler Sebring and a Mercury Marquis? We're about to test your knowledge on both new and old police vehicles, so get ready! Take the quiz now to test your knowledge on all the different types of police vehicles!

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