Quiz: We'll Give You the '50s Car Model, You Give Us the Make!
We'll Give You the '50s Car Model, You Give Us the Make!
By: Steven Symes
Image: RacecarTV

About This Quiz

Does your car choice make you Greaser or a Soc? Do you crave rocket-shaped taillights and a vehicle that's excessively long? If so, the 1950s is the decade for you! 

With the horrors of World War II fading into history and economic prosperity in the United States and other countries, people were ready to start buying cars again. All that cash and hard-earned optimism resulted in some pretty wild designs for vehicles back in the day, like large tail fins, plenty of chrome, bright colors and curvaceous body panels. Previously, cars had a more understated and generic look to them, and afterward they morphed into more practical shapes. This makes many 1950s models highly collectible, since they're unlike vehicles from any other decade. 

Some call the 1950s the most dangerous period of time for cars. Horsepower and torque ratings were rising, but safety standards hadn't even begun to catch up. Gas prices weren't a concern, with vehicle weights rising dramatically. What's more, many war veterans had a craving for speed, with drag races on public roads an increasing problem. It was an evolutionary time for the automobile. 

How much do you know about this golden age of the automobile? Take the quiz now and test out your knowledge!

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