Quiz: We'll Give You the Achievements, You Tell Us the Athlete
We'll Give You the Achievements, You Tell Us the Athlete
By: Stella Alexander
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HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES! Or is he swinging a bat? Maybe she is swinging a tennis racket! With all the professional sports, there have been tons of athletes who have mastered their craft. From a list of all their major achievements, can you pair it with the athlete?

When thinking about the United States and all of its professional sports, you're probably breaking it down into your favorite league. Are you watching the NFL all season to make it to the Super Bowl or are you waiting for your favorite NHL team to take home the Stanley Cup?

All these premiere leagues, like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, come with a host of teams. The NFL has 32 teams and the NHL has 31 teams, while both MLB and the NBA have 30 each. With all these teams come some of the most decorated athletes in the world. Names like Bill Russell, Joe Montana, Babe Ruth and Wayne Gretzky have to be mentioned when talking about the greats.

While these athletes led the team sports, what about the athletes who worked solo? You can't think of golf without names like Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. The sport of tennis has been led by Roger Federer and Serena Williams. 

All of these athletes have dedicated their lives to their sport. With a list of their achievements, can you match it to the athlete? Who is the all-time leading scorer in the NBA? Which NFL player has won the most championships?

Are you ready to score a goal, or will you hit a foul ball? Let's find out!

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