Quiz: We'll Give You the Cocktail, You Tell Us What's in It
We'll Give You the Cocktail, You Tell Us What's in It
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: WikiCommons via Jazz Guy

About This Quiz

Cheers! Nothing beats good times with good company and a good cocktail quiz!

By definition, a cocktail is simply any drink containing an alcohol and a sugar with a bitter or citrus flavor added in. In reality, however, cocktails are seemingly never-ending combinations of great flavors which create unforgettable beverages.

Some cocktails have the same basic ingredients to which a variety of other flavors can be added to craft something unique - every time. Just simply adding a new ingredient or switching out one ingredient with something else can produce completely different and exciting tastes. For example, reaching for orange juice instead of the pineapple juice a particular recipe calls for can turn your regular cocktail into something magical. Can you think of other examples like this? There are many, and we've got plenty of them in the quiz!

There are times when all it takes to make a new-tasting cocktail is to play around with the proportions of the ingredients used. Pour in a little extra fruit juice, for instance, or add a bit more gin, and the difference is profound. There are some cocktails, too, which require a specific ingredient, such as a particular brand of bitters, or the taste just won't be the same. We have a few cocktails like that waiting for you - all you have to do is play!

Hanging out at every fancy bar and club in town is a nice way to experience many of these cocktails. You don't have to be a permanent fixture on the party scene, however, to get most of these correct - so start the quiz!

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