Quiz: We'll Give You the Plotline, You Tell Us the '80s Movie Title
We'll Give You the Plotline, You Tell Us the '80s Movie Title
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Phoenix Pictures/Indie Prod Company Productions/Paramount Pictures

About This Quiz

Ahh, the '80s. What a cinematic decade.  We had everything from "Howard the Duck" to "Platoon" to "Fatal Attraction." The '80s was the decade Hollywood amped up the idea of blockbuster cinema and started cranking out some of the biggest spectacles you could imagine.  It also had its fair share of clunkers but hey, nobody's perfect.

From the amazing collected works of John Hughes to a solid decade of Schwarzenegger and Stallone manliness to Scarface and his little friend, there was definitely something for everyone.  Many of these movies became instant classics while a few others probably grew on you over time. Whatever your taste in film, there's got to be a ton you loved that came out of the '80s.  The question is, did you pay attention?  Are you a hardcore '80s cinephile? Do you know your Critters from your Ghoulies from your Gremlins? Your Sheens from you Estevez's? Your "16 Candles" from your "Pretty in Pink?"  And all based on the plotline alone?  It's time to dust off that old VCR, head back to the past (as opposed to Back to the Future) and try your hand at the quiz!

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