Quiz: We'll Give You Three Characters, You Give Us the '60s Movie Title
We'll Give You Three Characters, You Give Us the '60s Movie Title
By: Heather Cahill
Image: 20th Century Fox

About This Quiz

Which '60s movie characters are your favorite? Maybe you were fan of the cowboys in the Western movies or the detectives solving crimes in mysteries. Or, were the heroes more of your style? Your knowledge of these '60s characters is what will help you ace this one. Whether you're a fan of dramas, comedies or romance movies, this quiz will be a challenge!

In which movie would you find a character named Captain Ace Owens? Do you know the name of the movie that you would find the character Hans Zeller in? Inspector Clouseau is a character from which '60s classic? If one character name is hard for you to guess, not to worry. You'll get three character names to help you out in this quiz!

Do you know your characters from the Wild West, like Angel Eyes and Mattie? What about the classics like Atticus Finch and Holly Golightly? What about characters straight from the horror movies like Norman Bates and Eliza Chambers? If you said yes, you're one step closer to getting an incredible score!

So, you think you know the movies and the characters of the decade. Ready to prove your movie knowledge? Grab some popcorn and have a seat while you take a shot at this quiz!

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