Quiz: We'll Give You Three Characters, You Give Us the '90s Movie Title
We'll Give You Three Characters, You Give Us the '90s Movie Title
By: Heather Cahill
Image: 20th Century Fox, Lightstorm Entertainment, Paramount Pictures

About This Quiz

The '90s were filled with some classic movies and characters that are still loved today. They come from all different genres and cover a variety of subjects. But what is a movie without the characters? You'll find some of the most memorable characters from the '90s in this quiz, whether they're a sidekick, main character or only have one line!

Can you name the movie with the characters Lieutenant Dan Taylor, Bubba and Elvis? What about the movie that you would find Mikey Forrester and Diane Coulston in? Too easy? Name the movie that Donald Gennaro and Dr. Harding are in! If you know your '90s movies well enough, you'll have no trouble getting through this one!

Remember Mrs. Lancaster, Ellis Boyd Redding and Miranda Hillard? What about John Wallace, Neil McCauley and Esmeralda Villalobos? If you said yes, name the movies they're in! It may not be as tricky as you think. In this quiz, you'll have three characters to help you out so study up on your '90s characters and this will be a breeze!

'90s kids and movie lovers, if you think you know your stuff then what are you waiting for? Prove your movie knowledge of the decade with this quiz!

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