Quiz: Can You Guess The State From The Names of Three Cities?
Can You Guess The State From The Names of Three Cities?
By: Brandy
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About This Quiz

It's time to buckle up! We're taking you on a road trip across America and you don't want to miss it!

Did you know there are more than 3,000 cities in the United States? Undoubtedly, you know the biggest ones... The Big Apple, The City of Angels, and The Windy City... but in and around the more populated cities are the smaller ones- famous for their charm, special attractions and culture. And how do you find these gems? Hop in and let the car steer! No matter which direction you travel, major highways and small country roads will put our land on display for you. From Fargo down to New Orleans, you'll see cornfields for miles and the famous Mississippi River. Head from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon for breathtaking mountain views and national monuments. It is only by traveling from city to city across the United States that you can truly experience all of the local offerings - the food, art, sports and more - did we mention the weather?!

Now give it a shot and remember, only the most-traveled will be able to ace this quiz. Think you've explored our country's backyard well enough to name each state, given just three cities? Hop in that car and let's go!

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